12,000 retweets, 145,000 likes: KD drops a wild joke about Rodman and Green!

Kevin Durant’s social media outings are usually worth watching, and his latest tweet was no exception. By mentioning Draymond Green and Dennis Rodman, the superstar set the web on fire…and it was hard to get his words right!

The recent feud between Rudy Gobert and Shaquille O’Neal He shows it well, intergenerational duels are a topic that fascinates in the NBA. Impossible to know the outcome of such duels, since we will never have the opportunity to see them take place, but that does not prevent fans and observers from giving their opinion on the subject. The debates can sometimes be quite heated, as is the case with the one who opposes Lebron James to Michael Jordan on the GOAT theme.

However, the latest to date is a little more out of the classic scheme, since the site Bleacher Report recently proposed a face to face between Dramond Green Y Dennis Rodman. Who would emerge victorious from such a duel, between these two multiple champions? Kevin Durant He didn’t give a concrete answer, but his Twitter post is still pretty remarkable. In fact, the network star authorized a particularly wild joke against them:

Durant trolls Draymond and Rodman on social media

It will take them six days to finish this match.

Obviously, it didn’t take long for the tweet to light up the web, quickly surpassing a hundred thousand likes. It must be said that Durantula allowed himself to be trolled by two great figures of the orange ball, known above all for their defensive qualities. As a result, many felt that he was half-heartedly criticizing his attacking abilities, which did not please some who immediately reacted by shooting him in the comments:

6 days ? That’s just what the Celtics needed to sweep your butt into the playoffs, right?

However, when you think about it, the message conveyed by KD could very well be quite different. As mentioned above, Dancing Bear and Rodzilla are monsters in their half of the field and thus it would be difficult to respectively score against each other. The winger knows what he’s talking about, he rubbed elbows with Dray on the Warriors and won two rings with him. In fact, such an opposition might well last for a while, neither of them making gifts to their opponent.

Did Kevin Durant take a shot at Draymond Green and Dennis Rodman, or did he praise them for their level of play on defense? Everyone will make their own decision about it, but what is certain is that Slim Reaper has started a great debate.

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