2021 USL Playoffs Guide

A week before the MLS we find ourselves closing the 2021 regular season in USL Championship and in league one. here is ours 2021 USL Playoffs Guide.

The four Divisions that made up the Championship this year have found their winners. In the Mountain and in the Pacific we had already anticipated them in the “Boa turn”, respectively El Paso and Phoenix Rising Locomotive; the first kept expectations and with only 3 losses in the season led the division relentlessly, the second was confirmed again this year, the only team along with Tampa Bay Rowdies to reach 20 wins and the only team along with Louisville and Colorado to overcome the 60 goals scored.

In the Atlantic, on the other hand, compared to August, there is a strong acceleration of the gods Tampa Bay Riotersthe regular season champions made the gap followed by Charlotte Independence who made an incredible run to win second place at the expense of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC and Miami Fc, who instead lost a lot of ground.

The team, two-time Usl champion, Louisville City Fc wins the Central division, not exactly a surprise, but there was relentless pursuit from the Birmingham Legion who were just a point behind. Among the 5 teams competing for two spots, Memphis 901 and Tulsa Fc won the playoff spot with a good gap.

Also in the Mountain there was uncertainty for the locomotive hunters, in the end San Antonio consolidated the second place, followed by the Colorado Spring Switchbacks who inaugurated the new stadium in a grand way, thanks also to the season’s top scorer Hadji Barry. . Then those, which I had already anticipated would be a pleasant surprise, namely Rio Grande Valley, which managed to keep its playoff hopes firm and earn fourth place.

We had the great surprise from Pacific, despite the fact that the first three seats were already “reserved”, apart from Rising obviously, Orange County and San Diego Leal confirmed the second and third position. In last place with an impetuous shot Oakland Roots they surprised everyone with their great merit, and the demerit of the pursuers who in recent days were surpassed by the newborn team from Northern California, in their absolute debut.

After the draw for the playoffs, the quarterfinals of East and West will have cross divisions, for example the first two of Atlantic against the two second of Central and so on, in the classic “seeded” American 1-4; 23.


El Paso Locomotives – Oakland Roots 0-1
Orange County South Carolina -Colorado Springs 1-0
San Antonio F.C. – San Diego Loyal 2-0
Phoenix Bird Reborn – Rio Grande 6-7 dc (3-3 sts)

Tampa Bay Rioters -FC Tulsa 6-2
Birmingham Legion – Pittsburgh Riverhounds 3-0 at the table (Covid)
charlotte independence – Memphis 3-1
louisville city -Miami FC 1-0


Orange County South Carolina – Oakland Roots 6-5 dcr (0-0)
Saint Anthony – Rio Grande 3-1

Tampa Bay Rioters – Birmingham Legion 1-0
louisville city – Charlotte Independence 1-0


Orange County South Carolina – Announcement San Antonio 6-4 (1-1)
Tampa Bay Rioters – City of Louisville 3-2 aet


The Tampa Bay Brawlers – Orange County South Carolina 1-3

In league one almost everything, according to the August forecast. Omaha Union he dominated the championship by winning first place and the “bye” in the first round. The second “bye” was for the defending champions, me greenville trump despite the ups and downs of a few months ago, they managed to move up the rankings and overtake the Chattanooga Red Wolves at the last minute to take second place. The Tennessee team will play North Texas while the fourth and fifth places will see the clash between Fc Tucson and Richmond Kickers, the latter captained by the top scorer in the championship. Emiliano Terzagi18 goals, an absolute record in League One.

Starting this Friday with the Championship and on Saturday with League One, many expect a repeat of last year’s finals, Phoenix-Tampa Bay & Omaha-Greenville, we’ll see if the other teams agree, in any case the great USL show will surprise us once again.


omaha union goodbye
Chattanooga Red WolvesNorth Texas 2-1

Goodbye to Greenville triumph
tucson-Richmond Kickers 1-0


Omaha Union-Chattanooga Red Wolves 6-1
greenville trump-Tucson 2-0 points


Omaha Union-Greenville win 3-0

omaha union

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