6 crazy stories from the WWE court: backstage fights, booze and bribes

Any wrestling fan will have heard of the backstage catalog of wrestling accidents.

Sometimes what happens behind the camera can be much more interesting than what happens in the ring.

But what you may not know is that these relapses are resolved in a unique way: the fighter’s court.

The idea was dreamed up by Dutch Mantel aka Zeb Colter as a way for wrestlers to work out their differences and blow off some steam.

The wrestling court acted independently of WWE management and was generally run by the most respected man in the locker room: The Undertaker.

However, the concept didn’t always sound entirely fair to the wrestlers who often took the opportunity to force others to buy them beer or make women cry.

Below are some of the most ridiculous stories from the court of fighters.

The Miz is banned from the locker room

The Miz did not adapt immediately

The Miz is now one of the most respected and decorated wrestlers in all of WWE.

But it certainly wasn’t easy at first for the A-lister.

Unlike most WWE alumni, The Miz, whose real name is Mike Mizannin, had no wrestling background when he joined WWE, but instead came from the world of reality.

This did not sit well with many of the heavyweights backstage.

It led to a scandalous incident that resulted in Miz being kicked out of the locker room…for putting chicken crumbs in another wrestler’s bag.

Miz was forced to trade separately from the other stars for six months for this minor infraction.

Clearly the fighters were looking for an excuse to take him out.

Edge and Christian’s toys

Edge and Christian won tag team titles seven times in the 1990s and 2000s.

Edge and Christian were one of the best tag teams in the early 2000s.

They have enjoyed a prominent spot on Monday Night Raw for many years, but some felt the reason for this may have been their close relationship with one of the show’s writers.

The wrestlers began to discover that the duo were buying action figures from writer Bryan Gerwitz to add to their collection.

Many of the guys backstage saw this as a bribe to ensure the pair continued to receive A-grade material for their in-ring personas.

When the locker room discovered this breach of protocol, Edge and Christian were dragged to wrestlers’ court to answer for these discretions.

His punishment? Buy booze for all the veterans, including a bottle of Jack Daniel’s for The Undertaker and some protein powder for Bob Holly.

The Hardy Boyz steal Kane’s seat

The Hardy Boyz found themselves in boiling water

Popular tag teams are now landing in hot water: this time it’s the legendary duo The Hardy Boyz.

Matt and Jeff had just won their first tag team title and were celebrating with manager Michael PS Hayes.

The three men, drunk by now, boarded a plane late at night, and Hayes decided the boys would fly first class.

Unfortunately for them, one of the first class seats they took belonged to the famous superstar Kane.

Apparently the Big Red Machine was fine and when Jeff tried to return to his seat, he refused and found another one.

However, when other influential members of the locker room found out about this, they were furious.

They decided to punish the tag team by having them play a prank on Don Callis, also known as the Jackal.

Callis had gained some heat backstage and the Hardys were forced to damage their rental car.

Melina is ashamed

Several fighters said that Melina was difficult behind the scenes

According to various reports, Melina has made fun of many people backstage, apparently taking her role as a “diva” too seriously.

The on-screen manager reportedly got into trouble with many women backstage and was eventually brought to the wrestlers’ arena to dress up at 3 a.m. at the wrestlers’ hotel.

The story goes that almost the entire locker room showed up to see a bunch of legends yelling at her until she cried.

Some of the fighters even bet on how long it would be before he collapsed.

cheap long teddy

Teddy Long (left) with The Undertaker

Former WWE Smackdown CEO Teddy Long was known for being frugal with money.

Apparently, he would do anything not to pay, including pretending to be sleeping in the car every time he and his friends approached a toll booth.

This eventually landed him in fighters court where he was sentenced to pay for APA’s (Farooq and JBL) chicken and beer for a full month.

Goldberg and Chris Jericho’s beef

WCW legend Goldberg performs part-time in WWE

WCW legend Goldberg performs part-time in WWE

When Goldberg signed with WWE in 2002, he became one of the biggest wrestling stars of his time in WCW.

However, there was also a history of bad blood between him and Chris Jericho from their time together in the company due to Goldberg’s refusal to work with Jericho due to his short stature.

When Jericho heard that Goldberg had bad-mouthed him behind his back, he sided with him and actually took over for Goldberg during a fight.

Goldberg was put on trial for altercation and, with Triple H as a stand-in judge, he received a ghastly punishment.

He was forced to publicly apologize to Jericho and say that he had always been the better fighter… ouch.

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