A Curry/Westbrook trade? “It’s the smartest thing”

Russell Westbrook is on the go, and the business scenes around him sometimes go all over the place. The latter is quite remarkable, as it would be a trade between him and… Golden State’s Stephen Curry! Given the context, this would be the heist of the century for the Lakers.

After a first season below everything on the side of the Lakers, russell westbrook is already pushed towards the exit. However, with odds in freefall, it’s hard to know where the attacking midfielder could land, in the event of a trade. The Lakers continue to probe the market, and even fans are thinking hard about it. One destination in particular frequently comes up in discussion.

At the moment, however, there are few certainties, which explains why the deals imagined by observers can be… extravagant, to say the least. The chances of the Purples and Golds getting an XXL counterpart are slim, but that doesn’t stop some from dreaming. The wackiest trade award goes to this SB Nation reporter, who suggested sending the Brodie to San Francisco…against Stephen Currythat’s all !

The rise of Jordan Poole made Curry’s contract a huge burden on the Warriors. The smart thing for them long-term would be to trade Curry to the Lakers for Russ’s expiring contract.

The reason the deposition has been talked about so much is because the Poole case is a big topic of discussion right now on the Bay Side. With an average of 17 points in the regular season and very good performances in the playoffs, the young defense seems to have a bright future and can already count on contract offers ranging from 80 to 100 million dollars this summer. However, this would push the Dubs to make workforce adjustments to keep it, given their tight finances.

Curry versus Westbrook, the hoax suggestion of the day

The result is Klay Thompson, who was caught up in exit rumors, returning from two years of convalescence and playing in the same position as the nugget. On the other hand, no one had mentioned Chef as a potential starter! And it is not without reason, because the author of the publication later revealed that it was a hoax. He took the opportunity to troll everyone who had fallen into the trap…

Everyone who responded seriously to this tweet…

Calm down everyone, no one is seriously considering a trade between Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry. The Lakers certainly wouldn’t say no, but given Baby Face’s level of play, there’s no way the Warriors would agree!

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