a doctor played tennis instead of visiting patients

Beyond the alleged crime, make the behavior of some of the people even more hateful 89 employees and former employees ofIfo Hospital – Regina Elena National Cancer Instituteinvestigated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office Rome for the alleged false ringing of the card, is the fact of knowing that while a cancer patient was waiting for his reference doctor, the latter -although he was present during working hours- happily played tennis with his friend. In fact, the investigation by the deputy prosecutor Alessandra Fini reveals that the “bad guys with the plate” – as “Il Messaggero” reported yesterday – took advantage of the complacency of their colleagues (ready to stamp for them) to carry out the most various activities: leisure, sports and housewives.


There are those who went to downtown stores to buy clothes during working hours, those who went to the supermarket to do the shopping and those who took the car to the garage to fix it. Someone even took the opportunity to spend a day at the beach. The system of fictitious presences devised by some suspects was almost perfect. The accusation is of aggravated and continued fraud, against a hospital institution financed by the Ministry of Health and the Lazio Region, and of having violated article 55 quinquies of the Consolidated Law on public employment, which sanctions “the employee of a public administration that certifies their presence in service” with a custodial sentence of one to 5 years.


Among the conducts in question, which took place from October 2018 to June 2019, there are also cases of employees who did a second job during the hours they were on duty. Some doctors, for example, went from the public system to private visits (for a fee) intramoenia without stamping the exit card. In the list of suspects – who were subjected to interrogations between last July and December – there are 22 medical directors, 2 biologist directors, 44 nurses, 14 radiology technicians, a social health worker, a physiotherapy technician and 5 administrative assistants.

The investigation began with a complaint filed by Ifo, the injured party in this matter. Now, it will be the prosecutor who will decide, in light of the clarifications provided during the interrogation, which charges to file and for which to request indictment. “My two clients explained to the carabinieri that in one case, instead of going down and ‘begging’ to leave, when they were going through the intramoenia, they had sent a colleague to buy time – explains the lawyer Caruso – But the bills have filed to prove that they were present at work,”


For the most flagrant cases, in which the absence is documented with shadows, photos and GPS signals, it will be the Prosecutor of the Court of Accounts of Lazio to proceed for fiscal damages against doctors and nurses.


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