A surprise team ready to attack Rudy Gobert?

While his future is still undecided with the Jazz, Rudy Gobert is attracting market interest. We still have teams in the pivot, including a new one in the East. Certainly, if the Frenchman finds himself dribbled by Utah, he won’t have a problem finding a way out.

Despite an interesting roster, the Jazz didn’t get past a single round in these playoffs after a loss to Luka Doncic and the Mavericks. Things get pretty complex in Salt Lake City, as this team failed to get past the second round of the postseason after six straight appearances. Wonder if the front office shouldn’t destroy this list, to better build around a Donovan Mitchell, for example.

Because Utah will not have a pick in the next draft, and with the contract of Rudy Gobert, among others, there is no possibility of splurging in the market to attract a star. The means of the leaders are very limited, which means that an important trade can be approached. Rudy is precisely the one that makes the most noise, because many teams would not say no to such a reinforcement, capable of protecting the shovel.

East for Rudy Gobert?

A trade? Not impossible, everything will depend on the next meeting between Rudy and the Jazz. We imagine that the player will want guarantees for the future, because the franchise must be absolutely offensive. Be warned though, suitors aren’t too far off either, according to journalist Eric Walden, who works for the Salt Lake Tribune. According to him, it will be necessary to monitor some teams during this offseason.

Gobert is quoted more often when it comes to a trade than Mitchell, due to his advanced age (he turns 30 in June) and his higher salary next season ($38 million, compared to Mitchell’s $30 million). If the Jazz decide to trade Gobert, reports indicate he has plenty of suitors, including Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto and finally Charlotte.

In this already well-known list, it is Charlotte who invites herself into the conversation. The franchise suffered a major disappointment in the play-in, for the second year in a row. The coach was fired, while we hope the aggressiveness this summer better surrounds LaMelo Ball. The board could try to get Gobert back, as long as the Jazz sell. However, we are still far from such a scenario.

After all, nobody knows what the franchise will try in the next few weeks. He could keep Mitchell and Gobert and just switch players, especially on the bench. However, no matter how much talent is available, the title is certainly not guaranteed. As noted by Dwyane Wade, who spoke on the subject, something important is still missing in this organization.

Available or not, Rudy Gobert is attracting the interest of the market. Impossible to know if the pivot will be changed, but it is a real possibility, either for this summer, or next. If such a scenario sees the light of day, there will in any case be suitors, including some big names. reply soon.

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