A Warriors superstar in an ejection seat?

While we don’t know the outcome of the season on the Warriors side yet, many people are asking questions about this team and their ability to win the title. Will Steph Curry be enough, along with Draymond Green? Will Klay Thompson be able to get his splendor back? For Kendrick Perkins, all of that needs to be shaken anyway.

Thrown into an exciting duel against the Grizzlies, the Warriors hope to win this series against Ja Morant’s teammates, which will not be a cake walk. The Dubs still have a little problem, with a steph curry which will be expected in this Saturday night’s turn, on the occasion of Game 3. But in the event of elimination, questions will have to be asked about the future of this list.

If Curry already considers himself untouchable, we can add Jordan Poole to this list, who bursts the screen for this new season with several games above 30 points. We know how much Joe Labob, the owner, is betting on the future of Golden State. For him, Poole is therefore the new star, which raises questions about someone else’s future: namely, Klay Thompson.

In difficulty, a Warriors at the start?

The full-back is not in his best form this season, and nobody will be surprised after his return from injury. However, he needs time to get back on top, if that’s possible. His physical failings will leave their mark on him, perhaps forcing the front office to reconsider his future on the San Francisco side. For Kendrick Perkins, recently on ESPN, the shooter must go anyway.

Sure ! The Warriors need to get rid of him. If I’m Golden State, I trust rising young star Jordan Poole and move Klay Thompson. It’s not a tackle against him, but at some point you’ll have to let Poole unleash his full potential. He keeps moving forward, all good things come to an end.

Perkins isn’t necessarily wrong, because the Warriors absolutely must let Poole fulfill his potential. The side deserved it with his performance, to the point that he should be in the starting 5. For clay? If the Dubs can get a better player, or need another profile, then maybe selling Thompson will be a solution in the near future. This summer ? Almost impossible.

For the Warriors, it’s not about turning the page, at least not yet. There is no need for a drastic decision, while Steve Kerr’s men are in very good shape in the West. On the other hand, and if the disappointments are linked in the coming years, it is possible to imagine a Klay packing his bags. For now, it is clear that the leaders have confidence in this list.

Should Klay Thompson give up his spot? With Jordan Poole blowing up, naturally we can ask some questions about the shooter. At the moment, no major trade is in sight, but anything is possible in the coming years. In any case, it would be a terrible heartbreak for fans to see Klay go.

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