After a macho joke, Charles Barkley destroys his daughter live

If Charles Barkley is also appreciated by viewers, it is because he is as relevant as he is funny on the sets. Unfortunately, not all of his pranks hit home, and his daughter harshly put him in his place after a rather shocking sequence.

After a legendary career on the court, including an MVP title and monster stats in his prime, Charles Barkley has managed to establish himself as a legendary consultant on American television. For several years, “Chuck” has been a mainstay on the show. Inside the NBAwhere he connects frank analysis and memorable jokes.

Because that is where his television strength lies, in his humor. If you feel too comfortable making sharp comments, for example, you should just let it go. a violent shot against Ja Morant, the Hall of Famer is even more so when it comes to making the “cheeky” little joke that makes everyone laugh. Unfortunately, it’s not always relevant, proof with this comment from the early 2000s…

Charles Barkley picked up live by his daughter for his machismo

Women give too much importance to the pain they feel during childbirth. There can be no more pain than trying to play a full game with a sprained ankle or other injury. They laugh at us. And do you know why I never bought a watch for a woman? Because they can see the time in the oven.

Television has evolved a lot in recent years, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since this joke would no longer have a place on today’s screens. In addition, on the occasion of this news, the daughter of Charles Barkley reacted on the occasion of Mother’s Day, which was celebrated this weekend on the other side of the Atlantic. She did not hesitate to seriously rethink her father.

Hey dad, I’m taking a 5 minute break on my first Mother’s Day because I just saw a very disturbing video. You said that playing with a sprain is much more painful than giving birth and that women do too much. I just want to tell you that a sprain is like an afternoon at the spa compared to childbirth, and above all a game lasts 48 minutes. I had contractions for 48 hours…

A new grandfather, Charles Barkley, quickly retracted the questionable comment, even though embarrassment was particularly visible on his face. This sequence is in any case further proof that the emission Inside the NBA It offers much more than just playoff discussions, but also funny or moving sequences, which makes it a success.

Charles Barkley obviously took advantage of the “freer” climate of the 2000s to pull off some pretty shocking pranks. Fortunately, his daughter did not miss this sequence and she wanted Registration a video to put it back on your site live.

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