After Kobe, Kendrick Lamar Drops A Bombshell On Kyrie On His Album!

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Kendrick Lamar has just made the most anticipated comeback of the year with the release of his new album “ mr moral and the great climbers“. And big surprise, Kyrie Irving’s name is mentioned in the project, and not necessarily in glowing terms. Fans were amused by the situation.

The wait is finally over… After a 5 year absence, Kendrick Lamar has made his grand return to the forefront of the music scene with the release of his album ” mr moral and the great climbers“. A release that is all the more anticipated since its single “The Heart Part 5” has been making the rounds on social networks in recent days, thanks in particular to the surprising appearance of Kobe Bryant in the clip.

And with K.Dot, it’s not just the musicality that counts, it’s also the lyrics. So from the first listening to the project, all his followers stopped at the written content and at the artist’s pen. The topics covered are many and varied, such as crises in the life of a couple and toxic relationships, the relationship with death, but also the pandemic that has been ravaging the world for more than two years.

Kendrick Lamar addresses Kyrie Irving and his “anti-vaccine” thinking

And in the title “Savior”, Kendrick Lamar directly quotes the name of Kyrie Irving when talking about the whole anti-vaccine movement. In fact, the rapper questions the player’s approach to the disease, when it can be so painful. obviously after the enormous pressure of his GM Sean Marks on the extension of his contractthe Nets point guard is having a bad weekend…

Christians say that the vaccine is the mark of the devil. Then he got COVID and prayed to Pfizer for a cure. Then he gave me COVID and I started wondering about Kyrie. Am I going to stay organic or am I going to suffer in this bed for two weeks?

When he contracted COVID, like millions around the world, Kendrick Lamar couldn’t help but think of Kyrie Irving, who refused to get vaccinated in favor of more “organic” methods. He obviously wondered if the pain caused by the disease was not too strong to resist the urge to receive the remedy. In any case, the fans had fun with the auction.

Guys listen, Kyrie was just mentioned on a Kendrick Lamar album… He’ll only play 6 games next season 😂

Kyrie Irving he’s been a talking point throughout the NBA season due to his vaccination status, and obviously basketball fans aren’t the only ones who have wondered about his approach. Kendrick Lamar has also been wary of this anti-vaccine approach.

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