After the humiliation, Kyrie goes viral in an epic direct in GTA V

Kyrie Irving was particularly critical in the first round of the playoffs between his Nets and the Celtics. And after accepting the humiliation of the sweep, the ringleader made a high-profile appearance on Twitch, where he launched a fiery tirade on adult sites.

Kyrie Irving has been at the center of many conversations this season due to his reluctance to get vaccinated against COVID-19. For this reason, he was unavailable for much of the year, before returning part-time and then full-time for the last few games of the regular season. But all those distractions obviously had a negative effect on the Nets.

During Uncle Drew’s long downtime, james harden decided to leave the franchise for a more stable and healthy situation in Philadelphia, but above all, the roster was never able to develop a convincing and promising chemistry for the playoffs… So it is no coincidence that Brooklyn was humiliated in the first round with a scathing sweep against the Celtics.

Kyrie Irving’s X-Site Viral Rant

Several days after his family’s final defeat, Kyrie obviously had time to digest the disappointment and made his first “public” appearance during a particularly entertaining Twitch live. He launched into RPGs in GTA V and, before leaving the fans of him, he decided to launch a fierce and hilarious tirade about people paying to watch X-rated content online.

If you have an OnlyFans account, I have no comments. No. I have no problem with OnlyFans, but know that you will never have access to my credit card. I will never subscribe, even on free accounts. It’s not for me. I try to keep my tissues away from my nightstand… I shouldn’t have said that.

Kyrie Irving returns the image of a completely posed player, very spiritual, but also perfectly capable of making schoolboy jokes and talking about adult cinema with his fans. He could benefit from being natural more often, as it could attract the sympathy of many fans. He may enjoy playing the villain, but a little love couldn’t hurt.

When not in the context of the NBA, Kyrie Irving is visibly funny, as this inspired tirade on the OnlyFans social network demonstrates. Unfortunately, he appears very infrequently in this prankster mood…

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