After The Last Dance, Rodman’s hot-tempered ex makes a big decision!

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Main character of the famous documentary. The last DanceIn particular, Dennis Rodman had seen his ex-wife, Carmen Electra, be the subject of an interview there. Following this focus on her, her sex symbol decided to embark on a new business, as old as it is lucrative!

Star of a time that those under 20 could not know, they knew how to discover her in 2020, during the NBA break. At that time, the league community only had eyes for The last Dance, a documentary series about the career of Michael Jordan. In this last, Dennis Rodman also occupied a prominent place, as well as its extra-sports characteristics… and its multiple conquests.

Used to dating celebrities in his heyday, El Gusano, for example, had a relationship with… Carmen Electra, whom he even married in November 1998. Therefore, it was logical that the famous actress, whose full portrait can be found here, is consulted in the program. This spotlight has also given you some insights that won’t surprise many people!

Relaunched by TLD, Carmen Electra launches an OnlyFans

Back in the news thanks to The last DanceElectra saw a renewed interest around her after this appearance on the show ofESPN. So he decided to take advantage of it in the past few days and officially open an OnlyFans account! A logical decision, as she calls it in the columns of People :

It was like a no-brainer.

I felt like, “Yeah, that’s what I absolutely have to do.” For once, I had this opportunity to be my own boss and have my own creative vision to share with my fans, without someone above me saying, “Don’t do this, don’t do that, cover that part.” »

In this interview, the heroine of Alerte À Malibu also reveals the content that she will now be able to share on this new paid platform. Her fans will thus be able to find beauty tutorials, holiday content, photos in a swimsuit and lingerie, and sometimes even “a little more”, all without any censorship. A way for her to take power over her productions according to her words:

People are going to do what they want with your photos no matter what, so you might as well have control over them and follow what your gut tells you to do in the background. It is very nice to take a stand for yourself. I think that’s what more and more people are starting to do now. It’s not always easy, but I respect those who do it and I’m honest about who they are.

Back in front of the stage thanks to The Last Dance, Carmen Electra has just joined the famous OnlyFans platform. Who knows, maybe Dennis Rodman will drop by sooner or later.

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