American Football, NFL: Tom Brady Retires at 44! After 22 seasons and 7 titles, he says goodbye to a true legend

It was in the air, now the confirmations arrive: Tom Brady retires, hang up your shoes, gloves and helmet. The legendary Californian quarterback, 44, closes his career after 22 seasons in the NFL20 with new england patriots and 2 with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 7 Super Bowls won and an amazing series of records. This is reported by ESPN after rumors emerged in recent days about his willingness to dedicate himself more to his family, his wife, the former supermodel. Gisele Bundchen and children – and start a new chapter of your life. Brady thus concludes his “journey” with last weekend’s loss to Los Angeles Rams in the second round of the NFL playoffs.

Retirement or not? Matter of time…


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In the hours immediately after the bomb dropped by ESPN came the agent’s denials don yeeof the father tom majorand a message of the same would come Brady to the general manager of Buccaneers Jason Licht who said no decision had been made. According to several experts, including Ian Rapport from NFL NetworkReally Brady He will retire but at his own pace and with his official announcement, without others, ESPN in this case, anticipating it.

Tom’s Revenge

Within days of Ben Roethlisberger’s firing, another 2000 NFL football legend says goodbye: Tom Bradyborn on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California, closes a chapter of his career but also an important slice of the history of American sports and beyond, given how much he has marked with his being an athlete and a normal character, an “undervalued” who starting from behind, by the way more, managed to become a winner, rich, famous and even married to a supermodel like the one mentioned gisele. In short, almost the cliché of the rescue of a “mr. nobody”.

legendary race

Bradyelected at number 199, sixth round, of 2000 NFL Draft we go new england patriotsis thrown into the scrum by the coach Bill Belichick due to owner injury drew bledsoe at the start of his second season among the pros, and from there he never lost his spot. With pats played 20 seasons and won 6 Super BowlsThen in 2020 the separation, the frayed relationship with Belichickand the desire for a new adventure, south, in florida, ai Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Coach around you bruce arians he put together a squad (the one that had been lacking in recent years in New England), and thus came the seventh Super Bowl, won at home, among other things, in Tampa (the first time in NFL history). This year Tampa Bay was still among the favorites, but in the playoffs, after beating Philadelphia in the first round, the defeat came at home with the Los Angeles Ramsa race with a thousand emotions, he lost 30-27 after that Bradyfor the umpteenth time in his career, he had led the comeback from 27-3 to 27-27.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen in 2019.

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it seems that I Tampa Bay Buccaneers They have tried in recent days to convince him to return to the courts for another year, but Brady He preferred to close here, with the desire to dedicate himself to his family and to a new chapter of his life, staying in Florida where he built a new house north of Miami. And it also seems that until the end, the 44-year-old sanmateo did not let anything of his intentions slip away because he did not want a kind of “farewell tour”, a farewell trip full of celebrations and memories. There will be time for those, also because he already has a place in Hall of Fame.

Tom Brady’s numbers in 22 seasons

  • 7 Super Bowl wins (6 with Patriots, 1 with Buccaneers)
  • 5 Super Bowl MVP
  • 3 NFL MVPs (regular season)
  • 15 times in the Pro Bowl
  • 6 times All Pro
  • 624 touchdown passes (first in NFL history)
  • 85,520 rushing yards (first in NFL history)
  • 243 career game wins (first in NFL history)

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