At worst, James Harden pulls off an outrageous mess class!

No miracle for the Sixers on Thursday night, who lost to the Heat. It is the elimination for the men of Doc Rivers, although the criticism focuses once again on James Harden, author of a disastrous performance. The summer is going to be very long for the Barbu.

The Sixers have never hidden their ambition for the title this season, particularly with the arrival of james harden last february. Daryl Morey wanted to take a step forward by being aggressive, but this 2021/22 campaign will ultimately end in total fiasco. The Barbu has been on the streets since his arrival, while Doc Rivers has done a poor job. We had the confirmation this Thursday night, as Philly took the door.

Miami dominated this second round of the playoffs for the last time, with 32 points from Jimmy Butler, who assumes his status. In front ? There is not much to say. Joel Embiid did what he could with his injuries, but he finished with 20 points on 7/24 shooting, including 2/8 3-pointers. He is very light, but hard to blame given his physical condition. Another thing is for Harden, who put in a simply horrible performance.

James Harden’s departure has already been requested!

For the biggest game of the season, Harden decided to go into hiding. He concludes his game with only 11 points, 4/9 shooting. An alarming feat, with very few shots attempted by Barbu, when he was expected to support Embiid in these playoffs. ESPN also reports a very worrying stat about him, which illustrates his second half quite well, when his team was on the verge of elimination.

James Harden attempted only two shots in the second half and missed both as the 76ers were eliminated from the playoffs. Harden’s final field goal came 3 minutes, 31 seconds into the second quarter.

One basket in the second quarter, and you’re done. Harden completely disappeared afterward, and it’s hard for him to blame the teammates on him. He is big enough to assert himself and attempt solo actions, which he likes a lot. Instead, the person in question backed out at the worst of times, compromising the future of his team. Needless to say, his first campaign was a complete flop, to the point that Morey may have to regret choosing him.

Second half points tonight: 0 – Ben Simmons / 0 – James Harden

James Harden has largely disappointed in his first season with the Sixers, to the point that fans are calling for his departure. It is clear that this is not a passing fancy for the Barbu, which simply seems to have regressed dramatically. Whatever the reasons, it doesn’t seem to be the key.

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