ATP studies penalties for Wimbledon (and Rome trembles) –

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Rublev beats Djokovic: the final in Belgrade is the most inopportune scenario in Malaga. But Federtennis, unlike the All England Club, which is a private club, has legal obligations to the players’ associations and the players.

Russian Andrei Rublev overtakes world no. 1 Novak Djokovic: Coni’s Least Favorite Setting (Tennis must follow the instructions of the IOC, not the Russians, the internationals: Draghi will make the best decision for the country, the Malaga native told delivery courier

pm) has just been the final in Belgrade. Where Rublev, like Russians and Belarusians in any other tournament on the circuit (Sabalenka defeated by Swiatek in Stuttgart, for example), played in a personal capacity, without a flag.

If the idea of ​​a sport discouraged in times of war, Cio and Coni like it (not Djokovic: I am against the ban, excluding because of the country of origin would be discriminatory) and if a club as private as Wimbledon could host the moral suasion by Prime Minister Johnson, who was at the forefront of supporting Ukraine, the position of the Foro Italico as comfortable as a bed of nails. Federtennis, in fact, has the legal obligation to respect the Official ATP Rule Book, which in article 8.01B saysNote: Each tournament agrees to accept entries from tennis players based on ATP rankings (the same applies to women under the WTA). Therefore, there is no margin of choice: the cast of the Internationals is decided by the players’ associations. precisely in the face of similar situations that the IOC, by urging the Federations not to invite Russians and Belarusians, add unless possible for legal reasons. Neutral athletes from Russia and Belarus continue to compete in ITF events as well, in fact, and the same position – the disqualified teams – taken by Uci and Fia, the international cycling and motorsport federations.

From the indiscretion (there is nothing official) that Palazzo Chigi can imagine a sanction from Russia and Belarus, Italian tennis – which intends to extend the Internationals to two weeks from 2023 and organizes the Turin ATP Finals until 2025 (two Russians, Medvedev and Rublev, currently in the Race) has everything to lose and nothing to gain. This week, in Madrid during the Master 1000 that precedes Rome, The ATP board meets to study sanctions for Wimbledon and that he aligned himself with the decision of the British. The stages: a fine, through points for ranking (that is, the official ATP tournament: a very feared hypothesis that would transform the event into a rich exhibition), the boycott

Dragons between two fires, Coni and Federtennis, old rivals. But a call could never be ad hoc for tennis. At that point, what would happen to Atalanta’s Miranchuk and Fiorentina’s Kokorin in Serie A?

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