Bad blow for the Lakers in the market!

Still looking for a coach, the Lakers hope to find the rare pearl in the coming weeks, if all goes well. Unfortunately, the competition is also looking for coaches and doesn’t stick around as long as Angelenos. Outcome ? One less track, because of the Kings.

Pending the draft, the start of free agency and other festivities, the game of musical chairs has already begun in the NBA for coaches, and should continue after the end of the playoffs in case of disappointment. The Kings, Lakers and other franchises are changing coaches, and the search for those teams began a few weeks ago. Angelenos have decided to take the time to find the man for the job, with the added benefit of a different research process.

After a real fiasco in the regular season, but especially the catastrophic management of Russell Westbrook, the Lakers do not want to make a mistake when it comes to finding their next coach. Jeanie Buss, the owner, even makes ask for outside help to find the right person. On the other hand, he is not sure that the fans are delighted with this news, which is not unanimous in the City of Los Angeles.

One less track for the Lakers!

The problem with Angelenos is that they are not the only ones looking for a good coach. This is the case with the Kings who have already found, in the person of Mike Brown, who was on the bench for the Warriors. He will join Sacramento next season having convinced the leaders on a 4-year lease. This is also a factor that may have played a role in Brown’s decision, but mostly one less goal for Los Angeles.

The Kings have agreed to a four-year deal with Mike Brown to become the franchise’s next coach, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. The Golden State Warriors assistant will get another chance as a coach.

Brown has already coached the Lakers for short periods, or even the Cavaliers in the past. He hopes to win with the Kings in the future, but above all to allow this team to find the playoffs: a very difficult mission. We also learn that Brown was picked over Mark Jackson, who may be hoping to get the job from Angelenos, who will be under pressure:

Sacramento chose Mike Brown over Mark Jackson, a longtime favorite of Kings owner Vivek Ranadive, saving face for the front office, which reportedly wanted Brown over Ranadive’s favorite.

Mike Brown has a great opportunity as a coach with the Kings, even if there is work for De’Aaron Fox’s teammates. Mark Jackson will still have to wait to find a job, but the Lakers are still looking. We eagerly await the name of Frank Vogel’s successor.

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