Baseball, Mlb 2022: first impressions of the season

Interesting clues after the early days of MLB baseball, but the season will be very long (162 games). Detroit and Boston on the court today, Tuesday, April 12, at 7:00 p.m. in the Sky Sport Arena to win, you must remove the anxiety of already falling behind


Calm. it’s just the beginning. The next 158 ​​games could upend what we’ve seen in the first 4,158 more times. So there is no need to get excited or depressed. Would not be. Because no one resists the temptation to get excited or depressed after what was seen in the first pitches on the diamond this 2022 season. Yankees fansfor example, they can be quite satisfied. The Bronx Bombers are there and always have the ability to turn things around with their local fighters. With judge and stanton points arrive in the team, many and in a short time. And yet, with the tremendous efficiency of antonio rizzo joking

Satisfied, but not excited. in the same division Tampa Bay and Toronto have given much stronger signals. THE Ray they’re a perfect organization that doesn’t live off home runs alone, but does whatever it takes to win games. And he actually wins them. Since 2008, they’ve been the fourth MLB team to win games, which is a resounding sign of continuity against many more ambitious (and expensive) baseball dreadnoughts than they are. the driver is wander franka boy from 21 years who always hits the ball squarely and makes an impressive number of valid jokes. I could be the best hitter at least as an average, of the season. THE tiles instead, they love another type of serve: the one that sends the ball out of the stadium. The first 4 of the lineup, Springer-Bichette-Guerrero and Hernandez, they could finish the season with more than 30 home runs each. They never lose a game and, in fact, they have won one by coming back from 0-7 down.

Wander Franco of the Tampa Bay Rays – © Getty

The 2022 season started with many newbies listed immediately on the list of many teams. Promises that seem already fulfilled by Bobby Witt JR (Royals) and Julio Rodríguez (Mariners) or Hunter Greene (Reds), but it is always the unexpected that surprises the most. Is named Steven Kwan and plays for the Cleveland Guardians and seems to specialize in the art of invariably finish based on practically every lap (with many good contacts with the club, the patience of a veteran and the eye to accept the bases). It is a pleasure to find players who admire each other and then lose themselves as Byron Buxton of the twinsHis potential as an absolute star of baseball, but a physical and character fragility that made us think of a sad relegation due to demotion. It is a spectacle of how he runs and defends, now also how he goes home.

Then we realized that Houston is destined to remain one of the strongest teams, that he The Mets are serious this time if they win jacon degromthe best pitcher in the MLB, he is not yet seen and can heal calmly and that too San Diego moved well quiethe has completed a good roster and not only expects that Fernando Tatis can return from injuries and do magic.

For the rest, there is no need to panic. Unless you’re near Los Angeles. Dodgers or Angelswhat. They are already worried. Invincible Dodgers can lose and most of the time they are bearable. Even the most reliable pitchers have hinted at some uncertainty, the most reliable hitters like Bellinger, Muncy and even newcomer Freeman can’t find their groove.. And to the Angels, as suspected, It’s not enough to have Ohtani and Trout to bring home wins. You have fun watching games, with two phenomena like that, but the rest of the team would also be needed to win them.


MLB, tonight at Sky Sport Arena

A good opportunity to look for confirmation or denial of early trends is tonight at 7pm at Sky Sport Arena with Detroit-Boston. THE red stockings they seem to have kept the strengths and weaknesses of the team we saw in 2021. The offense can bring points and lead games, but for now is forced to make a few more if pitchers, especially relievers, don’t bring. them home. Detroit he is building a good project with many young talents, a good reason not to be in a hurry. For now, the good news comes from new grafts like Baez and Pradosthere is always the great old man Miguel Cabrera which is an institution. The young pitchers in the rotation and the long-awaited rookie Torkelson they will come. However, not every opponent is going to be as bad as the first one they faced (Chicago White Sox).

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