Baseball, MLB: the regular season finale and playoffs on Sky

A record season. unexpected record. they were not expected Tampa Bay and San Franciscobut they are the ones that are going to close American and National League with the best profit rate. The Rays have won the East division for the second consecutive year and did it in a season in which they lost the two best pitchers in the rotation and Hunter Renfroe, one of the best outfielders of the moment, went to Boston (a direct competitor). Not entirely obvious. Victory number 98 came against Houston with an eloquent 7-0 and surpasses the previous record set in 2008 with 97 wins. Formidable, these rays. Always able to go further. You take away a piece of it but from the body of the team a new and perhaps stronger one is born.

There east division it was supposed to be a threesome Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays. Tampa Bay’s got ’em all lined up. In fact, the American League is still a battle between the Yankees, the Red Sox and the Blue Jays, but to reach the playoffs only through the two wild cards. They’re all still there: NY in front, a game behind Boston, which itself has a game lead over Toronto. Four games from the end of the regular season, each stage remains open. The direct clash between New York and Toronto will decide a lot (on the all-important night the victory of the Blue Jays by 6 to 5), then the Yankees will close the season with three games against the Tampa Bay Rays. Already qualified and quiet, but if they had the opportunity to ruin the playoffs of the big rivals … they could have the incentive to get them out of the way before the postseason. Boston closes the season against Baltimore and Washington, an easier task if the nerves do not play tricks on him. There are no easy games if you play with the anxiety of not making it. And in baseball nobody gives you anything.

But there is still one important detail. It is not a three-way fight. it’s a foursome. THE Seattle Mariners stay in the race. They have won 10 of the last 11 and have basically the same record as Boston. They only have three games left to play, against the already eliminated Angels. If the other three miss a shot or two, the Mariners could write a comeback in their history books reminiscent of September 1995, then decisive for the team’s survival. Finally: the season cannot end on Sunday, because after 162 games of the regular season in case of a tie in the standings there will be play-offs. with me playoffs starting Tuesday, October 5it would be a cruel, spectacular, ruthless tour de force.

Record season also for the Giants

If Tampa Bay surprised, I The San Francisco Giants overturned a prediction that seemed indestructible. Indelible. They are in the same division, NL West, as the defending champion Dodgers and the team most credited for challenging them. that’s me San Diego Padres. But the Giants regained their historic core and immediately took the lead, forcing the Dodgers and Padres into a back-and-forth race. San Diego finally relented dramatically. THE giants they have already achieved 104 wins, becoming the most successful team in its history (beating the 1962 and 1993 Giants). They are now two games ahead of the Dodgers (who are therefore at 102 wins!). The division title is yet to be awarded.. Whoever loses this fight will still qualify through the wild card, where the St. Louis Cardinals.

The playoffs on Sky Sport will start from October 5

Tonight, Thursday, to follow live from 19:15 about him channel 257 of Sky Sport a match between two teams that will surely be protagonists in the playoffs: there will be the St. Louis Cardinalswhat direction me milwaukee brewers. And later Sunday October 3give him twenty-one, last round of the regular season at the same time, with a good chance of having a verdict yet to be handed down. Starting October 5, Sky Sport will broadcast the MLB playoffsEach night at least one live match so we don’t miss anything on the road that will take us to the 2021 World Series.

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