“Ben Simmons wanted to steal my girlfriend, he hasn’t played since”

Since his complete abandonment in Philadelphia, Ben Simmons has been viewed as a very bad teammate, and his image hasn’t improved in Brooklyn. And obviously, he also carries the label of a bad friend, since he would have tried to steal the partner from “his older brother”…

The more time passes, the more the situation of Ben Simmons it becomes incomprehensible… At the beginning of the season, everyone thought he was faking an injury or discomfort so as not to have to wear the Sixers jersey, a franchise in which he was strongly criticized after being eliminated in the playoffs against the Hawks. In addition, his return to training showed that he had no intention of making any effort to win back the affection of the fans and his teammates.

Once traded to Brooklyn, therefore, it stood to reason that he would quickly find his way back onto the field and bring his defense to a group as ambitious as it was talented, and in which he could have been the missing piece. But the weeks went by, several return dates were announced and in the end he never managed to be 100%. Worse yet, he had to undergo surgery to relieve his back…

Did Ben Simmons cheat on Kendall Jenner?

Based on early returns from Brooklyn, the point guard should be ready for Nets training camp and thus the start of the 2022-23 regular season, but how to be sure? Ben Simmons seems to be affected by a real curse and is not immune to a new relapse. For comedian Michael Blackson, it would simply be revenge for karma. He spoke on the Shannon Sharpe show.

Ben Simmons tried to flirt with my fiancée, the woman I currently share my life with. She knew perfectly well that I was with him, and when she asked him, she denied being my friend. From the moment he was drafted in Philly we would go watch games together, throw parties together… He was my little brother. That’s why I introduced him to my girlfriend, at the time he was also with Kendall Jenner.

I always introduced him to girls, and he dared to do that to me. And he looks, he hasn’t played basketball since he tried to steal my girlfriend. He had a chance to apologize, but he never did. I lost all respect I had for that guy. Seriously, he would have even traded it in Brooklyn for a Subway sandwich. Luckily I didn’t have to take it out on him, everyone has been doing it since last year.

Michael Blackson, a comedian who grew up in Philadelphia, was obviously very close to Ben Simmons during his early years in Pennsylvania, until this surprising incident. While dating the highest paid model on the planet, the Australian leader would have tried to sneak into the DM’s of his “older brother’s” partner, and this for several years…

If this story is true, it will not restore the image of Ben Simmons, who has been considered a coward in the eyes of some since his refusal to play for the Sixers and his mysterious absence from the Nets. In addition to being an unreliable teammate, he would also be a bad friend.

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