Between Alcaraz and the absolute dominance of world tennis in the next 10 years there is only the imponderable

Carlos Alcaraz won 4 tournaments in 2022 and after the triumph in Madrid at the age of 19 he is ready to become number 1 in the ATP. The future is his, he can dominate tennis for a decade.

Carlos Alcaraz it is a phenomenon. Those who knew him well said it a few years ago, but the growth of Spanish has been monstrous. A year ago these days he was number 120 in the world, now he is number 6 ATP, a better ranking that will improve rapidly. In the Race, he is already number 2. At 19 years old, Carlos already has the chance to win Roland Garros and can really dream of first place in the world. In Madrid he beat Nadal, Djokovic and Zverev. The future is all yours. The German who could become number one next Monday crowned him after the final. Who can stop it? The old lions are still on the track, but in Spain they have not followed their rhythm, those born in the 2000s are very far from it. Tennis seems to have a new rule.

Alcaraz is Spanish, and when he made the news as a young man, he was branded as the new Nadal, which for many means ‘only’ king of red. But Carlos is already a top player on cement, he has a varied game, he runs a lot, he moves well, he has solid and powerful baseline shots, but above all he surprises with his serve, serve and volley and great intelligence. He sees the game before his opponents, and at the moment there is no game for anyone.

He won the 500 in Rio, then triumphed in Miami and after starting the season on clay with a surprise loss in Monte Carlo, he scored twice at home, winning first in Barcelona and then in Madrid. 28 won and 3 lost, to the delight of the parents in the first row in Madrid and the coach Juan Carlos Ferrero, former world number 1 who also wants to bring Alcaraz there.

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When it comes to young talent, the right thing to do is to lead, but in this case it is different. Nadal is still number 1 in the ATP Race, but he has a minimal margin over Alcaraz, who he has already left Tsitsipas, Zverev and Medvedev behind. Djokovic is a long way off, he has played a few tournaments and hasn’t won any yet (but he will have time to recover). If he were to win Roland Garros, the big goal of the season, he would surely get ahead of everyone in the middle of the season and he could start to concretely imagine himself number one at the end of the season.

We run too much, true, but at this moment tennis has a new master, who may become a dominator who ‘risks’ taking the scepter right at the end of the race of the three racket myths that have monopolized this sport for nearly twenty years. . At the age of 40, Federer hardly plays anymore, he will return in the fall perhaps for the farewell step. Do not.adal and djokovic are still at the top, but both have to deal with physique and age. So Alcaraz is willing to take the scepter, even if the rivals are not lacking.

Because of course you can’t cancel Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Zverev, who have been playing at a high level for years and have already won a lot: between Slams (Medvedev), ATP Finals and 1000 tournaments (Medvedev, Tsitsipas and Zverev). All three are still young and will be competitive, but if you widen the range you see how the range that includes Alcaraz’s companions see a huge hole.

Carlos is from 2003, in the top ten is the Auger-Aliassime from 2000, a quality player but extremely inconstant (an unknown word for the Spanish), just outside is jannik sinner, born in 2001, who has been in the top 15 for more than a year but seems two centimeters behind Alcaraz, and far behind the talented Musetti (out of the top 50) and the Danish Rune, fresh winner of the Munich tournament. In addition to Korda, Brooksby and Báez, young people who will make a career but who for now are far behind the Spaniard, ready to become the absolute number one.

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