Big drama in the offing in the Heat’s locker room?

With the Sixers back to 2-2 in this series, the Heat are going through a bit of a rough patch on the floor. It is said that the atmosphere is not crazy in the locker room either, since a player begins to get angry about his minutes. Pay attention to this file.

Way ahead of the Sixers in this second round of the playoffs, the Heat can no longer dominate, not since Joel Embiid was back on the court. The deal has changed, but Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro and company can’t speed up. Elimination is not far off, as the next team to win Game 5 will earn a match point to advance to the rest of the competition.

For Miami, it would be a huge disappointment not to win, as Erik Spoelstra is under pressure. It must be said that the coach made a strong decision: not to play with Duncan Robinson, one of the best shooters in the league (almost 41% career). The main reason ? His defense, which is far from perfect and makes him an easy target for the Sixers.

A game already promised for a major Heat player?

The result is that Robinson only played one minute in this series against the Sixers, not one more. For a player who signed a 5-year, $90 million deal, that’s a big deal. Either the Heat made a mistake or the coach will have to give him a chance, especially since Miami can’t call behind the arc right now (20% in Game 4).

Coincidence or not, the player’s representatives took the opportunity to send a message on Twitter:

Exactly 19 months ago, Duncan Robinson scored 26 points, including 7 prize shots in a 2020 Finals victory.

The timing? Yes, it seems that we want to defend Robinson and there is nothing more normal for his representatives. The shooter is capable of punishing 3-pointers, which clearly wouldn’t hurt Miami right now. As ESPN reporter Zach Lowe points out, it’s no coincidence to see this tweet in a period like this:

This is a very interesting timed tweet for Duncan Robinson reps! Just say!

Is Duncan Robinson sending the Heat a message? Probably because we imagine the player wants to be on the court and punish the Sixers’ defense. For now, Miami hasn’t changed its focus, but that could change at the end of this second round. Answer to Game 5.

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