Big reveal about Ben Simmons’ terrible injury

Since arriving in Brooklyn at the trade deadline, the Ben Simmons case has raised questions. Although he had to return quickly, he ultimately never wore his new jersey due to back pain. And according to general manager Sean Marks, the situation was much more dire than initially announced.

As if touched by a terrible curse, the Nets have once again experienced a particularly turbulent season. In this case, injuries weren’t really at the heart of all the problems, unlike the last few playoffs with the absence of Kyrie Irving and the recurring pains of James Harden, it was the men and the strong personalities who stopped the machine.

In this 2021-2022 fiscal year alone, Brooklyn has been hit by three different dramas, which could destabilize any franchise. It all started with Uncle Drew, who, because of his refusal to get vaccinated, had to give up a good portion of the season, which isn’t ideal to prepare for a long playoff run. Bearded then decided to throw in the towel and jump ship to Philadelphia, where he thought he would claim the title.

Ben Simmons heroic this season according to the Nets

And then, to top it off, there was the saga. Ben Simmons, came in exchange for James Harden, and who was going to bring his monstrous defense to the Nets. He finally never put on the new shirt, because of a strange back injury. However, the Australian leader has announced a return to the playoffs, before bowing out at the last second, enough to infuriate fans. If it wasn’t for GM Sean Marks, we shouldn’t blame him, as he would have been heroic from day one.

This case says a lot about who Ben Simmons is. He has already done everything he can to come back and help his teammates in the series against the Celtics. So I hope that people have learned not to judge others so quickly. All people who are not specialist doctors and who comment remotely on a file must be careful, because in the end no one had the slightest idea of ​​what was really going on internally.

His absence has been frustrating for the franchise, but especially for Ben. Everybody was talking to him, he really wanted to come back and I find that quite admirable, to be honest. He tried 3 on 3, 5 on 5, but when he had his checkups, we immediately saw that his herniated disc had worsened. This boy tried to overcome a pain that no one can overcome.

After his false return, Ben Simmons was singled out by many pundits, who didn’t necessarily understand this sudden turnaround as disappointing. But according to franchise general manager Sean Marks, the mere fact that he walked onto the field is a feat given the state of his back and his herniated disc. If these revelations are true, the Australian leader must have earned everyone’s respect, and his future could be written in New York.

Ben Simmons would have obviously made an effort immeasurable to find the grounds and be closer to a comeback. If the plan ultimately failed, the GM respects his player’s determination in these playoffs.

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