Brock Lesnar improvised in Elimination Chamber? This is what WWE did not expect

Brock Lesnar kicked off his new reign as WWE Champion at Elimination Chamber on Saturday night in Jeddah. All this is the result of his triumphant victory in the six-player match played within the structure that gives the event its name. To facilitate his success there is certainly the physical problem of Bobby Lashley, forced to leave the contest prematurely. And this very situation gave birth to a segment that WWE itself had not anticipated.

Due to Lashley having to leave the match, forced to leave the ring with the support of WWE paramedics, he was unable to enter his pod and be added to the Elimination Chamber. However, this did not prevent the organization from setting his cell on fire upon his arrival. So when the time came for that to happen, nothing moved for a few seconds. Shortly after, however, Brock Lesnar forced his way out of his pod and demolished it with his bare hands rather than wait a few minutes until it was his turn.

Well: apparently the segment was not planned by WWE. The authorized ‘PWInsider’, in fact, reported that Lesnar legitimately, effectively, and actually kicked down his pod door to enter the Elimination Chamber, and that this initiative was not a planned segment by WWE.

Now Lesnar will face confirmed Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a match at WrestleMania 38 that he had already earned by winning the Royal Rumble. But he will do it as WWE Champion, with the two main titles of the main roster at stake.

Bobby Lashley: The truth about his injury

As for Bobby Lashley, however, his ejection from The Elimination Chamber seems to hide an entirely different truth. WWE initially released a statement announcing that All Mighty would undergo concussion testing, which is quite common among wrestlers. But it is possible that the now former WWE Champion has skipped the contest due to another injury, this time real, that the athlete would have suffered in the Royal Rumble, during his fight against Brock Lesnar.

As reported in the last hours by the well-known ‘The Ringer Wrestling Show’, it would seem that the angle that expelled Bobby Lashley from the Chamber only served to prevent the athlete from staging his combat, being already injured before the contest. . “He’s legitimately injured, and has been since the Royal Rumble. If you noticed, he didn’t work any Raw. He didn’t even defend the title. He got hurt badly in the match against Lesnar. From what we’ve been told he’ll have it for at least for 4 months Shoulder surgery, “said the source.

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