Bucks GM puts a cape on arbitration

In the super-tight playoff series between the Bucks and Celtics, every whistle counts in a searing finish.

If Boston had a hard time after the referee’s decision gave Marcus Smart just two shots, instead of three, with 4 seconds remaining, Milwaukee was hardly more inspired by the performance of the field officials. In this case, Wisconsin franchise general manager Jon Horst did have a few things to complain about.

“I tell you with all sincerity, I know that at the end of the day it is a very difficult job. I couldn’t do it. You couldn’t do that either. Being a referee is really not easy, just like playing at this level or training at this level.” preceded Jon Horst on The Athletic. “We all have standards to try to progress and do better. And that’s what catches my attention. We have to progress. It wasn’t a good playoff game, and I think the referees had their part in that. »

Jon Horst notably mentioned the free throw disparity, with 34 passing at the line for Boston to 17 for Milwaukee. Including a dozen in the last quarter against zero for the Bucks, who therefore did not take advantage of the field advantage over this…

The Great Seal of Grant Williams

“When you start looking at the stats, it’s pretty obvious,” he continues. “Our players like the ones in Boston deserve to have this issue addressed to make them better. I am aware that this job is difficult, but we want a fair game at the end of the day. But the statistics speak for themselves. »

One stock remains particularly in the Bucks’ throat. It is a Grant Williams touch on Grayson Allen in the fight for a rebound. The Celtics’ boxy winger landed a big shoulder kick on the Bucks fullback, who slid in nicely as a result.

We haven’t gone back to the old trench battles that pitted the Bulls, Knicks and Pistons against each other in the early ’90s. But there’s a lot of riff-raff in the air between the Bucks and Celtics…

“These are difficult games to referee. Even more playoff basketball. Both teams have the opportunity to play more physical, and I think the general public likes that. It’s playoff basketball! But I can tell you that Grant Williams’ action on Grayson [Allen] it’s really not justified. Any player will tell you that he was dangerous. Grayson was in pain the next day and again this morning. He should play Game 4, but it was a dangerous move. An action unrelated to basketball, totally unjustified. »

As seen in the images, Grant Williams’ gesture seems to be responding to Grayson Allen’s on Jayson Tatum seconds before.

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