Bucks Owner’s Daughter Tweets After Elimination… And Fucked!

Beaten by the Celtics, the Bucks have disappointed many, including the daughter of franchise owner Mallory Edens. The latter tried to find an excuse for Giannis Antetokounmpo and his teammates… but received a tidal wave on the web in return!

As reigning champions, they landed in these playoffs with a nice certainty package and favorite status in the eyes of bookmakers. Easy winners for the Bulls in the first round, the Bucks were not comfortable against the Celtics. Worse yet, they blew a 3-2 lead to bow out in the Eastern Conference semifinals and abandon their dream of a double. Enough to give rise to great regret among his fans.

Mallory Edens forgives the Bucks, the fans beat her

Confident in the chances of Giannis Antetokounmpo and his partners in this postseason, Milwaukee fans have been disappointed in the last few hours. Among them: Mallory Edens, the sensual daughter of the owner of the franchiseWes Edens. On Twitter, the young woman shared her disappointment like many, but she also pointed out a fact that can explain this premature departure:

💔 So proud of what this team was able to do without Khris. Injuries are the worst thing about this sport… We’ll be back. Next ❤️

In fact, the absence of Khris Middleton may have weighed heavily on the outcome of this series, he who had played such an important role in his team’s crowning glory last year.

However, not all netizens shared Mallory Edens’ positive mindset. Some have pointed out to him that Boston had also had to deal with a disabling injury, and that the outcome of this confrontation therefore had nothing to do with unavailability!

The injury excuse is not valid. The Celtics played without their best rim protector (Robert Williams). Tell your dad to talk to the coach. The Bucks reaped exactly what they sowed by wasting the last few games (of the regular season) to avoid the Nets.

Obviously saddened by the end of the Bucks’ season, Mallory Edens put it down to the absence of Khris Middleton. An opinion that has not only earned him the approval on the web… Far from it!

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