Champions League, the MLS makes history: it had never happened before

After many years of failed attempts, the Seattle Sounders are the first major league team to win the Champions League in North and Central America.

An important first, testifying to football’s considerable growth trajectory and the Major League.

For the first time a US team in the Club World Cup (AP LaPresse)

THE seattle probes They are the first American franchise of the major league soccer (MLS) to win the CONCACAF Champions Leaguethat brings together the teams of North and Central America by defeating the Mexicans in the final Pumas UNAM 3-0.

Seattle Sounders Historic Victory

An important statement for Seattle and for all the American football that leads to the highest echelon of the North American continent, and therefore also to the Club World Cup 2022a completely new team in a championship that has never before obtained such sensational satisfaction.

The ‘sonic’ team

THE seattle probes they are a very particular reality, extremely loved by their public. mermaids, a term that has many meanings and that only partially represents one of the great driving forces of the city, music. Few in Europe know that mermaids does not stem from the idea of DreamBut, from where Puget Sound, a marine canyon that extends from the Pacific Ocean to the interior of the territory and that constitutes the cultural and social root of a truly unique city. Because Seattle, which with its 800 thousand inhabitants is certainly not among the most populous metropolises in America, is certainly an extremely lively and dynamic city from a cultural and economic point of view. A very strong university roots, a great sports culture.

THE seattle probes I am a young company. Born in 2007 after a long amateur gestation, they managed to get the great satisfaction of two national titles (2016 and 2019) always reaching playoffs in recent years and wasting a final in 2020. The 70 thousand spectators of the lumen field testifies how much the people of Seattlewho have a great tradition in sports like basketball, hockey and soccer, they care about their team soccer. The technician is the American. brian schmetzer that had collected in 2016 the bulky inheritance of the German Sigi Schmid bringing the deductible to a higher and more winning plan.

seattle probes
Seattle Sounders continental champions in North America (AP LaPresse)

The end

On the way to Mexico, in a very harsh field, Seattle An important tie had started (2-2). But few would have expected such a clear victory against a team on the most solid and experienced role, already accustomed to expressing themselves at these international levels. Dragged by the Swiss Sebastian Freielected MVP of the competition, i mermaids eliminated in order Motagua (Honduras), León (Mexico) and the national champions of New York City FC before the grand finale.

Peruvian double Ruidíaz. A great shot deflected just before the break, a precise forehand at the end of a counterattack on an assist from Lodeiro, then author of the third goal with time almost exhausted on the counterattack after a Morris post. Own Nicholas Lodeiroan extraordinary Uruguayan talent rejected by injury from European football, is the symbol of this victory that allowed a Seattle live a fairy tale night with an endless party that resounded until the morning of space needlethe tower that is the very symbol of the gods mermaids and that represents the panorama of the city itself, up to the Bay and the Villa.

THE seattle probesafter the victories of DC United and LA Galaxy, when the Champions League was still called the Champions Cup and did not give access to the Intercontinental, it will also be the first American team to enter the Club World Cup 2022.

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