Chicago Fire: the keys to the turning point

This year the football gods have decided to smile at the famous metropolis of
chicago in mls the chicago fireof a troubled life, turned out to be one of the
more pleasant surprises from this start of the 2022 season.

A revolutionized team

A revolutionized team starting with the new coach ezra hendrickson,
50 years old with a lot of experience as an assistant in the MLS, in his first assignment as

Young, with a long and successful career as a player right in
american Championship, Hendrickson immediately brought the proper energy I needed to
invigorate the rose Without beating around the bush, the new manager immediately went to work
locking down the defense structured around a teenage goalie just seventeen years old
he is attracting the team with his impressive cat skills.

Slonina’s talent in goal

It is about gaga slonina, born in 2004 and listed among the top fifty Wonderkids (born after 2003) in America. The American, of Polish descent, is already in demand by numerous Premier League teams, and appears to have delivered the coup de grace to the Chicago team by conceding just one goal in the match.
last four games. In short, a security between the posts.

Przybylko and Shaqiri for the attack

Regarding the attack, the signings made in the preseason have
added the necessary experience to build actions and goals. the polish giant Kacper
Przybyłko it is the first point that was used by the Fire as a reference for the offensive phases.
Przybyłko is a player who knows MLS. Not breaking through in football
European, he showed all his skills as a sniper, militating for four seasons in
Philadelphia Union. With the brace scored against Sporting
Kansas City has shown that it is capable of scoring with both feet in addition to having
excellent aerial skills.

The last player who forms the new core of this team in
Growth is an attacking midfielder that we know well also in Italy. His name is Xherdan
Shakiri and played for Inter during the 2014-2015 season. The period in Milan is certainly not
reflects his winning run. Shaqiri has three Bundesliga leagues on his notice board with the
Bayern, a Premier League win with Liverpool, and two champion leagues obtained with
both teams. In addition, Shaqiri has been managing the midfield of the national team for years.
and recently became the seventh goalscorer in Swiss history. What
The entrance is not bad.

Someone like Shaqiri paints passages and caresses the ball in a sublime way. His low center of gravity makes it almost impossible to take the ball from him. The Swiss also proved to be infallible on set pieces after the penalty against Kansas. Soon Shaqiri is the metronome and artist for Chicago Fireand possibly the key player on Hendrickson’s team.

The best start since 2009

The coach, without a doubt, has to lick his mustache after this start to the season. Indeed, the fire
had the best start in MLS history since 2009. We are talking about thirteen years ago.
After four games they are already third in their division along with teams of the caliber of
New York Red Bulls and Philadelphia Union. Expectations are at a level never seen before, and all of them
the conditions for a successful championship can lead this team even to
hope of qualifying for the playoffs. Now it’s too early to talk about the postseason, but all of them
football fans should follow the ascending parabola of the Chicago fire.

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