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SILVI – Regarding some controversies that have arisen on social networks regarding the management of municipal tennis courts, the mayor of Silvi Andrea Scordella and sports consultant Andrea of the census are willing to clarify some terms of the question. “It is necessary to say preliminarily – said the mayor – that the city council has not entered in any way in the entrustment of the management of the tennis courts owned by the Municipality, since this function is entrusted to the commission of officials appointed by the person in charge of the Sports Service. The Commission has chosen the transferee company after examining the documentation presented by the sports club, in compliance with all current provisions, first of all the alternation. Remember that the assignment is temporary, it has a duration of six months and it is not automatically renewed. What the municipal administration was interested in was putting the sports facility back into operation before the summer, both to meet the needs of tourists and to ensure regular use of the facility for our local youth and athletes”.

“The Sports Office Scordella added. has carried out its tasks with the usual competence, with the collaboration of the Maintenance Service. Finally, we believe that the late Sergio mazzone he was the first and without a doubt the best tennis teacher in our city. We must reiterate the full gratitude of all of us for the work done in spreading this noble sport among the young and old of our city. In this sense, we fully agree to name the sports facility in Piazza Marconi in his memory”.

“Even without causing a scandal and without having the important resources that the Sports sector also deserves for its very high social, educational and recreational function. – declared the managing director of Sport Andrea Di Censo – this administration tenaciously carries out its program. The small but significant achievements of these days in the various areas of the city are part of a general project that gives an idea of ​​our projected commitment not only in the near future. We are trying to intercept all the financing opportunities that will arise from regional, national and European calls. For us, sport must come out of the isolation and the corner in which it has been relegated for a long time. Beyond the usual rhetoric, it is necessary that all those who are and will be governing this city in the coming years become aware of the importance it has in the physical, mental and ethical training of children and young people and act accordingly. If, as we all always say, the future of the world is in the hands of today’s young people, it is really worth focusing on them, on their training and growth in which the practice of sports activities is the case to say plays a very important role. important”.

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