confirmations, surprises and disappointments of the first month – USA

Until recently, baseball fans feared that the MLB season might not even start. Instead, we are here today, after a month, to make a small summary of what happened, dividing it into two categories: the teams that are confirming expectations (or even going beyond them) and those that, instead, are struggling more or even. , disappointing.

We only need to make a small premise, that is that in baseball -as we now know- the last two months count -not to mention the last- so everything must be taken with a grain of salt.


Little to say about the Yankees and Dodgers, two ultra-famous teams that should be aiming to win the World Series every year on name alone. For the people of Los Angeles it has been more or less like that for the last ten seasons. For New Yorkers, something is always missing and disappointments have come in abundance. At the moment they seem to be holding up, so much so that they have already entered the longest winning streak of the season, led by a lineup that finally seems to have found the right amalgam, with Rizzo and Judge leading the way.

Confirmation at a high level also for the Rays, while the Blue Jays have fun with one of the youngest teams in the league, an explosive lineup and a mound that may orphan Robbie Ray, but that holds up quite well, especially thanks to Kevin Gausmann. Three teams -these last ones- that could dispute the American League East title from here to the end, at the expense of another franchise that, on the other hand, disappoints, and not a little, but which we will talk about later.

Well, Minnesota that had started badly, but that immediately recovered thanks to a division that was not exactly irresistible. For now they lead the Central Division, but the season is still long and if they want to stay on top they will have to avoid too many empty passes on offense since the mound has done its duty so far.

Big fight in the American League West, where after years of (almost) undisputed dominance by the Astros, there finally seems to be something Fight, with the Angels off to a very strong start and boasting one of the best offenses in the entire MLB. This year there are not only the usual Ohtani and Trout, but also Taylor Ward who is becoming the third force in the lineup with 6 home runs already hit, 15 RBIs and, above all, a .368 batting average (!). But beware of leaving the Astros for dead, because the team led by Dusty Baker and the terrible José Altuve is always there.

The Mets started off great, too, but they did last year, too, only this time not in fits and starts. The attack turns beautifully, although it is more or less similar to that of 2021. However, experienced coach Buck Showalter seems to have found the key to unlocking the offensive resources of this team that he hopes is the right time to go all the way. after so many efforts on the market in recent years, the latest from Max Scherzer that confirms itself again this year as an absolute phenomenon.

Then there are the confirmations for MIlwaukee and St. Louis that they had to lay down the law in the National League Central and they are. The Brewers, at the time of this writing, are back from eight wins in the last ten while the Cardinals are still struggling to find continuity on offense, but the mound is responding very well with just 78 points conceded representing third place in this special ranking, behind the aforementioned Dodgers and Yankees.

We close this category by mentioning San Diego, but especially Colorado who, led by an inspired CJ Cron, are having a very exciting start to the season, even finding themselves up against the outgoing division champion Giants. Now, we don’t know how long it will last, also because the pitching rotation has always been the problem of this team and certainly one cannot complete a season with the offense alone, since they have suffered, so far, 129 points (5.16 per game). ).), but dreaming costs nothing and in such a difficult division it is not cheap.

Honorable mention to the D-backs who are at 50% wins and having an amazing start to the season from Christian Walker and Daulton Varsho, in particular. If only they were a little more regular…


We mentioned it before we talked about them, and here’s the point about the Boston Red Sox, whose first month couldn’t be more terrible than this one, unless their name is Cincinnati Reds, but we’ll get to that later, too. Disappointing attack, despite the acclaimed acquisition of Trevor Story (140 million contract for 6 years) that he has a batting average of .210, without yet having a home run (!). There’s still time to make it up, but if this is just the beginning…

Meanwhile, Sale is still in the pits and the rest of the rotation aside from Wacha and Houck are winding down at the moment. Either right his ship right away, or it could be a very tough season for the Red Sox, especially in such a tough division.

The other socks, the white ones, also disappoint. Lance Lynn, their best pitcher by far, is still out with an injury. As well as third baseman Yoan Moncada and outfielder Eloy Jiménez. Now that Andrew Vaughn (one of the best to date) has also been injured, he is in poor shape for manager Tony La Russa, who hopes to get everyone back as soon as possible. In the meantime, we hope to improve at least the offensive phase where the White Sox are hiding.

I don’t want to disappoint you because it seems a bit over the top to me, but certainly a little more was expected from the Tigers. A good pitching rotation (ace Casey Mize is missing at the moment) and a great lineup, to which Javy Baez has been added. In short, the prerogatives of doing well were and are, but the turning point will have to come from the attack that cannot be based only on the always green Miguel Cabrera (by the way, congratulations on the 3,000 hits in his career), but will have to find more consistency and effectiveness even from highly acclaimed young players like Spencer Torkelson, as well as veterans Jonathan Schoop and Jeimer Candelario, just to name two.

The same goes for Texas. Despite winter acquisitions, Rangers are struggling and not a little to find some continuity, although coming back from four straight wins bodes well. Seattle is also bad and continues to prove eternally unfinished. Indeed, the eternal forsaken and redone who starts out each time with lofty ambitions only to be forced to save the ship in the end. Last year they were close to the playoffs, in this they were able to repeat, but even more was expected in these first twenty-six games and the last series against Houston was the emblem. There is not much to say about Oakland because this was exactly what was expected after the winter revolution. Indeed, they had started too well and if I had written this article a week ago I would have included them among the surprises as well.

The current champions of the Braves are also disappointed who, orphans of Freddie Freeman, are not finding the right answers from their replacement, that Matt Olson who until a few months ago mistreated any ball he had around him and who now looks like any Trevor Story. (excuse me Trevor, but you serve them on a silver platter). The boy, to tell the truth, is not even doing badly from a statistical point of view, but it is not, at the moment, enough. It’s important, though, to have found Ronald Acuña, as we continue to search for a mound that can last more than one game without disaster.

And what about the Phillies? Well, the same goes for the Lakers. Super teams don’t work, especially in baseball. At least not those built without a minimum of criteria around a superstar who, in this case, responds to the name of Bryce Harper.

Last but not least -as the Anglo-Saxons would say- there are the Cincinnati Reds who as a contender candidate -at least for a divisional speech- are instead playing the role of the peracottari. Nothing works in Cinci, only the infirmary, which is now getting more and more crowded.

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