Crazy Nets-Lakers Proposed Trade, Anthony Davis Worried!

Los Angeles and Brooklyn have disappointed so much this season, and a big trade could allow them to revive. A former player bluntly suggested making a deal with Anthony Davis…and the consideration would be just as prestigious!

Between his repeated injuries and the Lakers’ catastrophic campaign (33-49, 11th in the West), anthony davis He had a very complicated year 2021-22. The interior of the star could also suffer, as many observers point to the possibility of it being traded far from California. However, due to his fragile health, his rating has dropped a bit, as suggested by the latest spooky update on the old Pelican.

However, we’re still talking about one of the best potential players in the league, a real nuke on both ends of the field. So a trade around him would necessarily imply that a big name in the league would do the opposite, and Kendrick Perkins just decided to think big. The former NBA champion decided to put himself in the place of the Los Angeles leaders and offered to go see the Nets… to make an exchange between him and Kyrie Irving !

Kendrick Perkins proposes a deal between Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving

If I were the Lakers, I would seriously consider trading Anthony Davis to the Brooklyn Nets for Kyrie Irving. It’s time for both franchises to have a change. The players need it too. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kyrie Irving again with Lebron Jameswho he won a title with in 2016, and I would like to see Anthony Davis team up with Kevin Durant.

Here we have the crazy scenario of the day, since it would be two giants of the league that would cross paths to their new respective franchises. According to Perk’, the idea of ​​seeing The Brow in the New York megalopolis would be especially appealing to him, for one simple reason: the challenge it would pose, thanks to the proliferation of high-caliber interiors in the ‘East. A player like Davis could also do Slim Reaper & co. a lot of good, as long as he stays healthy:

When you look at the Eastern Conference, it’s full of great men: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embid, Bam Adebayo, etc. If you’re the Nets and KD, you look at AD and say, “Hey, I need someone who can match that intensity.” Especially when the playoffs arrive. Davis is available and has the talent to deal with these guys.

Anthony Davis versus Kyrie Irving, that’s the latest crazy idea Kendrick Perkins has pitched to the public. It’s hard to imagine such a deal seeing the light of day, but it would certainly be an NBA earthquake!

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