D-Wade sends a crazy shot to LeBron James!

Friends even before they joined the NBA, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James can afford a few touches of humor on the edge of what’s acceptable to each other. The Flash, therefore, did not hesitate to destroy his friend through an attack on a sentient subject!

Few can claim to have been able to establish such ties with the King within the league. Dwyane Wade is today one of the best friends of Lebron James, and began earning that status long before their NBA reunion. Members of the same mythical class from the 2003 Draft, the two legends thus forged an ultra-solid relationship, which continues to this day.

This has also allowed them to find themselves on the Miami side in 2010 and win two championship titles in four years. Inevitably, their friendly relationships have only grown from this and allow them to remain close despite Flash’s retirement. The latter, therefore, allows himself some below-the-belt tackles towards his former partner, which others would not even dare to think of!

Dwyane Wade attacks LeBron James’s hair

podcast guest IM an athlete NFL stars Brandon Marshall and Chad Johnson, Wade sooner or later had to talk about LeBron, and specifically the secret to his longevity. Faced with this question that torments many fans, and even many NBA players, the three-time champion has not been able to give great revelations. On the contrary, he put it on the back… of a superior force:

He is the man who made it so special! He had it all since he was born! We all know that we have to pay attention to our diet, to our training. I saw him pay attention to all of that, but I also saw him sprain his ankle and rally to post 20 points in the 4th quarter. And it wasn’t nice to see it as an injury! Me, he wouldn’t have been available for 4 weeks!

Quite a flattering statement for LBJ, however quickly toned down after D-Wade intervened, much wilder!

When God did it, he had to be there, “I’m going to give you all you can have!” But I’m only going to take one thing away from you: your contours! But I promise I’ll give you everything else! »

LeBron’s hairline has been teased for years and has prompted the Chosen One to invest in not losing it too visibly. So the subject must be sensitive at home, but what does Wade care if he persists and signs!

Now that he has money, he will never agree to admit that he has to shave it all off!

Dwyane Wade has no filter when it comes to his friend LeBron James, not even in the case of the King’s baldness. Finding this out, LBJ should have no regrets trading him from the Cavs in 2018!

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