Damian Lillard in Chicago, the possible blockbuster trade with 6 players!

After a disappointing season and a missed trade deadline, the Blazers look more stuck than ever. What about Damian Lillard, who only played 29 games in the 2021-2022 campaign? Among the possible destinations in case of departure, he insistently returns to Chicago. And a package could seal the deal if discussions begin…

Will Damian Lillard stay in Portland his entire career? Nothing is less secure. After a prosperous period marked by strong playoff runs, the Blazers have clearly regressed. Authors of uninspired movements in the market, the Oregon troops seem further than ever from what remains the ultimate goal of Dame DOLLA: to win an NBA ring. Rumors of a possible exit have not stopped running throughout the season, and they return with more force at the dawn of summer.

In fact, despite some pressure shots here and there on the microphone from friend and journalist Chris Haynes, Lillard never asked to be traded. His attachment to Rip City is well established and his communication is clear: In fact, Portland is the multiple All-Star leader. However, if this hypothesis is no longer reasonably possible, the situation changes…

A trade with the Bulls as a way out for Damian Lillard?

As it stands, the likelihood of Dame requesting his trade this summer is pretty low. However, if the market becomes agitated and the famous game of dominoes occurs, the Blazers could end up pressing the “reset” button. In this case, the Bulls, whom Lillard follows closely and whose merits he has praised several times this past season, would be the ideal partner. The test with the package below:

Bulls host: Damian Lillard, Josh Hart, Drew Eubanks

The Blazers receive: Nikola Vucevic, Lonzo Ball, Patrick Williams, a 2023 1st round Draft, a 2027 1st round Draft, a 2029 1st round Draft.

Moving on to analysis. On the Chicago side, Lillard’s arrival would be a true message sent to DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine, should the latter stay in Chi-Town, to go conquer the Grail around a rather terrifying Big Three at offensive level. if not defensive. This is where Josh Hart, quintessential 3-and-D, would also find a favored spot in this deal. Eubanks, on the other hand, serves as a financial balancing act.

For their part, the Blazers would launch a dangerous operation already tried by many teams: rebuild without sinking, maintaining an adequate level that allows them to claim the playoffs. Vooch’s talent is well known, as is the great defensive potential of Patrick Williams. Lonzo Ball is still a question mark because of his health status, but the first 3 rounds of the Draft are a very good guarantee for the future and future deals. All in all, a win-win situation if it were decided that Damian Lillard’s adventure in Portland was coming to an end.

If still relatively inactive, the soap opera Damian Lillard could quickly return to the front of the stage. And if so, don’t be surprised to see the Chicago Bulls name closely associated with it…

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