Damn, the Lakers still make two big stops in the market

Realizing the magnitude of the work that awaits them this offseason, the Lakers are already hard at work reshaping their team. They chain the rakes though, and just got two more big targets!

Wanting to rebuild a workforce that is clearly not living up to expectations, that’s good. Being able to do it is even better. Unfortunately for the Lakers, they only seem to check one of those two boxes so far. Determined to return to the heights of the Western Conference next year, they redouble their efforts to attract choice recruits, but face denial day after day. And it seems that he does not want to stop.

The search for the coach turns into a fiasco in the Lakers

Before delving into the roster, Los Angeles leaders are trying to recruit a new headliner for their coaching staff. However, whether in the NBA, or even in less prestigious circuits, job candidates decline their proposals one by one. This has been the case again recently, first with Doc Rivers, as reported by Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report :

Despite numerous rumors about Rivers’ curiosity about the Lakers’ job and constant talk from Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey that he would like to bring in a new coach, the 76ers have maintained that Rivers and team management remain united with respect to their common. future. Rivers’ contract runs through 2025 at $8 million per season, which would make the price of a firing huge.

Before even getting a job interview with Doc, the Purple & Gold are rejected by Philadelphia. A scenario similar to the one they recently found in another good trail leading east. And as for Quin Snyder, who could be quickly removed from his Jazz duties, it’s the manager himself who wouldn’t be tempted by the offer!

Although the Lakers have expressed strong interest in Snyder, pessimism persists within the NBA and among sources close to Snyder that Los Angeles would not appear to be an attractive base in the veteran coach’s eyes. He is most often talked about as a possible replacement for Gregg Popovich in San Antonio.

Rob Pelinka and his deputies are definitely not on the rise. Just about every name they could list to take over from Frank Vogel rejected his advances, leaving them with no options. There is always the possibility of calling former crazy dumper and basket breakerformer opponent of LeBron James, despite his meager resume at the head of an NBA bench.

Things are getting seriously complicated for the Lakers as they search for a new head coach. At this rate, it will soon be Phil Jackson who will have to come out of retirement to take the reins of the franchise!

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