Dennis Rodman reveals how he seduced Madonna!

Among Dennis Rodman’s best-known relationships is his relationship with Madonna. How did he and the famous singer end up as a couple? The Hall of Famer addressed the subject bluntly in a recent interview.

If there’s one thing we can learn from Dennis Rodman off the pitch, he’s a real womanizer. The sexual escapades of the former interior designer have grabbed the headlines during her career, the latter stringing together conquests at an impressive rate. He was even married to model Carmen Electra! However, it is his affair with Madonna that remains perhaps the most interesting of all.

The former Bulls and Pistons player and the internationally renowned singer lived a fairly short but especially intense relationship a few decades ago. During an interview, the five-time champion returned to this period, explaining in particular how they ended up together. According to him, his girlfriend had been delighted with her physique, but also with her new way of showing herself to the world at that time.

“Madonna saw me as a child in a candy store”

Dennis Rodman : I think Madonna saw me as a child in a candy store. She was trying to find my way, but she already had. She saw this young man, I was about 30 or 31 years old. She was coming out of my shell, out of the closet in a way. I think she saw a guy like “wow, he’s pretty hot, he’s got a nice body.” And on top of all that, I think she saw me come out and be free and I think that appealed to her more than anything else.

It is true that El Gusano’s personality change was quite drastic, during the 90’s. The capricious characters of the story of the orange ball. Tattoos, drunkenness, hair dye: he no longer refused anything that might have attracted Madonna.

However, as mentioned above, the couple only lasted a few months, because the overrated side of their relationship was difficult to deal with. The singer was notably a planetary star, having to do a lot to have a private life away from the cameras. In 1996, Rodzilla told Oprah Winfrey:

It would have been very difficult for me to live in Madonna’s shadow and have a baby with her and have to hide and do all these crazy things that I was doing with her. In the end, it went no further.

With his exuberant personality, Dennis Rodman soon charmed Madonna. If their relationship was finally short-lived, neither of them regretted it later, as each one said. The former player quickly rebounded from then on, along with Carmen Electra.

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