Did Kevin Durant seriously approach Kyrie Irving?

On paper, the Nets have a scary team for next season, but that could change quickly if Kyrie Irving leaves. Not only does the GM cast doubt on his future, but Kevin Durant also seems to have lightly addressed it.

The summer promises to be especially hot in Brooklyn, as the team could well be in tatters in the coming weeks… In fact, the more time passes, the less the future of Kyrie Irving he seems secure in his openness of heart. The point guard is eligible for a good contract extension, like the one signed by Kevin Durant a few months ago, but the leaders seem reluctant to offer it to him. Sean Marks spoke on YES Network:

We haven’t started conversations yet, but I can’t wait to hear what Kyrie wants from us to continue the adventure here. I do not want to comment on the situation since nobody knows what can happen. When we talk, I will make sure that Kyrie is the right person for the team and I will make sure that we are the right franchise for Kyrie.

Kevin Durant takes advantage of the character of some players

Sean Marks not only hasn’t started conversations with the player yet, but he’s not even sure he’s the talent the Nets need to move forward… And the GM isn’t the only one ambiguous on the Kyrie Irving case. In a recent interview with David Letterman, available on Netflix, Kevin Durant also made a small comment that could be compared to an entrance:

I think managing the personality of certain players is the most difficult thing in training. In a team we all know how to play basketball, we already know all the technical terms and precepts, we know all the game patterns that can be used in a match. You have to manage personalities, that’s the hardest part.

According to Kevin Durant, the most difficult thing for a coach in the NBA is to manage the personality of his players, and in Brooklyn, obviously, it is the case of Kyrie Irving, who is the most talked about. For the entire season, Steve Nash had to deal with his player’s moods, which he couldn’t play, then only half the games, before fully coming back and turning heads. On the contrary, Uncle Drew didn’t really help people from him…

Despite this observation, it’s a safe bet that Kevin Durant still ties his fate to that of his friend. If Sean Marks decides not to extend it, to everyone’s surprise, it wouldn’t really be surprising to see KD apply for a trade in the next few months. In any case, this is the trend that emerges quite clearly in the minds of Nets fans across the Atlantic.

For Kevin Durant, coaches must first and foremost manage their egos, and everything would be much easier if the players made the necessary efforts to facilitate their task. But in Brooklyn there is a talent that clearly expresses his personality, even if it means putting his own at risk.

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