Diego Valeri: the MLS Cup in Portland as a parting gift

Diego Valeri: the Master in the farewell step with Portland Timbers

“A golden rocket; a jolt, a golden tremor in the shadows”. This is how Diego Valeri wrote in his ‘Viejos y Nuevos Poems’.

And that was it diego valery for Portland Woods. However, let’s take a moment to tidy up: the first was an Italian poet, born in Piove di Sacco in 1887; the second, whose middle name is Hernán, is a Argentine midfielder who is about to say goodbye to the club of his life. The number 8 of the Timbers, the one who carries on his shoulders the number of infinity that has decided to raise his head, will live his last night on Saturday with the green shirt with which he will join eternity. The race says it, the victories say it, the goals say it.

Valeri’s numbers with Portland Timbers

308 appearances and 100 goals, MVP in 2017, MLS Cup in 14/15, MLS is Back Champion in 2020, the football that he had always dreamed of and that, once he landed in America, he found. Yes, because the 35-year-old player who grew up with the legend of Riquelme, who studied at a bilingual school, who speaks perfect German, Portuguese and English, who loves reading Friedrich Nietzsche, Alejandro Dolina and Eduardo Galeano, wanted football in a human scale, a football with less pressure and more humanity, a football where his wife and daughter could go see him at the stadium. So it was.

With the Lanus shirt, where he played as a 10 but with 8 on his shoulder, like Juan Román Riquelme at Villarreal, that was not possible, given the incandescence of the Argentine fans, who have many pros but, unfortunately, many against. With Portland Woods Yes. Two worlds that have met: a football with colorful joy but with respect, a human champion, who has transmitted his desire for normality.

And, as the normality of life teaches, there is a beginning and an end. And if you can’t choose the beginning, as we do, you can try to tackle the ending, which is still unknown. In football it’s more or less the same: you can choose where to play, it’s true, but you never know how it will end. Because you can schedule goodbye as long as you want, but you never know what can happen to you.

Paolo Maldini blew whistles from part of the Rossoneri corner at home, Zinedine Zidane headed Materazzi in the worst way to greet, Javier Zanetti did not play his last derby, Francesco Totti closed winning a corner kick by entering for a few minutes from the bench Not everything turns out as he had imagined.

Valeri and the last game with Timbers

diego valery now he breathes the last hours as a Timbers player. And it will be hours of home run waiting, since it will not only be the farewell to the team that has become his heart, but: in his life. No, because there will also be a final to playpossibly to be won, against New York Soccer Club.

At the local stadium: providence park. An antipodean challenge between those who have already put their names on the honor roll against those who, on the other hand, are in the first final in their history. With a man, a legend, an infinite number 8 who wants to leave in the best way.

Hat, chest, winger: this is how he scored his first goal in America, immediately captivating an entire city. Now we do not know how he will end, it is impossible to know. But we know that he will end, in the most beautiful setting possible. And there is no better time to end a fantastic journey. There is no need to be sad. Also because… Without fear, without remorse, part of the journey is the end.

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