Draymond: “He’s a lot like LeBron in that”

Draymond Green never speaks the language of wood, even when it comes to praising his opponents. One of them received the ultimate compliment, as the 2017 DPOY directly compared him to LeBron! And it is true that the resemblance is striking, in a sector of the game.

all is well for Dramond Green, whose Warriors started their series perfectly against the Mavs by winning the first game (112-87). There are only three games left to win, and Steve Kerr’s men will be in the Finals, which they have not known since 2019 and the departure of Kevin Durant. After two years of dealing with injuries, the Dubs appear poised to take the league back. However, don’t count on Dallas giving up.

After all, Jason Kidd’s team can count on Luka Doncić, although he was mediocre in Game 1 (20 points at 6/18 shooting, 7 lost shots and -30 differential). However, Bay’s men remain aware of what he is capable of, and the Dancing Bear showered him with praise during his latest podcast. The three-time champion even postponed comparisons with Lebron James on the table, pointing out the common points in the way the directors play:

Draymond Green sees similarities between LeBron and Luka Doncic

One of the main similarities that jumps out at you is how well these two guys can handle defense. The way they have to control the pace of a game with their size, with their passing quality and the way they can press close to the box and put pressure on the defence. With the vision they have, they look a lot alike.

They both understand what they are trying to achieve on the field and will be very methodical in achieving what they know they want to achieve. There aren’t many people in this league that can control a game or control the tempo and rhythm of a game like that. I think one of the things it requires is an unusual ability to think about basketball.

If he completely missed his first appearance in the conf’ finals, that doesn’t detract from the fact that El Matador is a player apart, with a basketball IQ well above average. His instincts and his ability to read the terrain and player movements allow him to more than compensate for his athletic limitations, which many considered prohibitive prior to his draft. Suffice it to say that opinions have changed since then, and the No. 77 actually remembers the King for the ultra-complete side of him on the floors.

Another parallel to draw: Both men reached the final four of the playoffs during their fourth NBA season. In 2007, LBJ beat the Pistons with Cleveland, advancing to the Finals before being swept by the Spurs. If he wants to go that far, the Texans’ leader will have to roll up his sleeves from Game 2 and erase his underperformance. He as long as he can play, which we can doubt following the news about your health.

Luka Doncic is increasingly remembered by LeBron James for his technical qualities, he remains to join the Lakers from the point of view of the prize list. There is still a long way to go for that, but knowing the Slovenian, the talent is there to match the Chosen One!

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