Dwyane Wade makes a shocking revelation about his childhood!

Rather mysterious throughout his career, Dwyane Wade has flourished since his retirement, offering his fans a chance to discover the man he is. During a recent interview, he made an incredible revelation about his childhood.

Since retiring, Dwyane Wade seems like a new man. So obviously, he always has one foot in the microcosm of the NBA, as he’s a Jazz shareholder and sometimes he goes into practice to mentor Donovan Mitchell, a player who looks a bit like him in the game, but also flourishes in other fields, such as fashion, as he happens to be a high fashion enthusiast.

Like his daughter Zaya, Dwyane Wade also liked to dress up as a woman

And because he opens himself up to the world, the Heat legend no longer hesitates to speak out on potentially taboo topics in the world of the NBA. Going through the “I Am Athlete” podcast a few months ago, Flash explained, for example, that he too liked to dress up, even “cross-dressing” in his childhood. It is not a usual speech in this medium, but this honesty is particularly refreshing.

You know, when I was a kid I used to wear heels, I did all those things too. Whatever my sister was doing in our house, I was trying to do the same. So when Zaya started dressing up as a woman, I remembered that I was exactly the same when she was younger. It was after a while that I realized that she was “different” from the others.

As a child, Dwyane Wade obviously wanted to look like his sister, and he didn’t hesitate to wear heels for that. So when his transgender daughter Zaya started dressing as a woman, he didn’t immediately understand the magnitude of the situation and the “difference” of his daughter. Thankfully, he now understands all the challenges of raising a transgender child and the support he gives her is heartwarming. He spoke on the red carpet of the MET Gala:

I am a father like any other, I see my son grow every day and I do everything I can to help him be well. I know what my daughter wants to do and become in life, I have to make sure I’m with her on the road. Honestly, I’m just doing my job as a parent. Message to all dads: Never forget the love you felt when you took your daughter or son for the first time. Transgender or not, don’t forget that love for them.

In an environment as masculine as the NBA, the revelation of Dwyane Wade is surprising enough, but so important. Noel players You don’t have to be the most manly people on the planet, and no, not everyone grew up with a ball in their hands, but with heels on their feet.

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