earnings and inheritance of the new world tennis phenomenon

How much does Carlos Alcaraz earn?? The Spanish tennis player He is only 19 years old, but he has already conquered the limelight with some (partly) unexpected successes and setting a series of records that are surprising especially considering his young age.

Alcaraz is among the strongest players in the world on the ATP circuitas evidenced by its incredible rise in early 2022. More and more experts are beginning to speak of a true witness passing between Rafael Nadal (the tennis player who has won the most Grand Slam titles in history) and the 19-year-old.

But who is Alcaraz and how much did he earn? so far through tennis tournament prize money and even off the field? Let’s try to see the figures of your prize money career, as well as information about your heritage and his own sponsor.

Who is Carlos Alcaraz: biography and career

born in murcia, in Spain, on May 5, 2003, Alcaraz measures 1.85 for 72 kg of weight, according to official data from the ATP. has become professional in 2018 and his current coach is Juan Carlos Ferrero, former number 1 in the world. His tennis idol is Rafael Nadal.

In 2022 he reached the top of world tennis: at just 18 years old he rose to number 9 in the world in April 2022, becoming the youngest to break into the top 10 since Nadal did it in 2005 (both winning in Barcelona and both on April 25).

In the Madrid tournament of 2022 achieved a historic feat: defeating in the same tournament, in red, first Nadal so Djokovic, a goal that no one has achieved before. Then adding the victory in the final against the current champion Zverev.

After the victory in Madrid, he reached the sixth position in the ATP ranking: At the beginning of the year he was only number 32 in the world. In his career he has won five titles, four of them in 2022. His most important titles are the 500 River Y Barcelona and the 1000 Do you love me Y Madrid.

Alcaraz Prize in cash: how much he won on the pitch

The data on the prize money for Alcaraz, or the prizes obtained on the court, are the official ones awarded by the ATP: only in 2022, until May 9, he accumulated $3,697,242. Total in his career he earned $5,452,072 between single and double. Actually with double he raised less than 30 thousand dollars, having played very little: almost all of his prize money comes from singles victories.

How much Alcaraz earns: heritage and sponsors

There is little data on the heritage of the Spanish tennis player. In 2022, according to some estimates from international sites, the figure could be around 2 million dollarstherefore slightly less than 1.9 million euros.

There is no information on the cars owned by Alcaraz, while on the house it is owner of a house in El Palmar (Murcia), Spain, whose value is not known, however. His assets are derived both from farm rents and from sponsorships: It can boast of commercial agreements with Babolat, Nike and Rolex.

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