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On the night between Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th, the NFL restarts. Behind the current champions Kansas City Buccaneers of Mahomes, Green Bay of Rodgers and Buffalo. Vaccines chapter: 93% of players immunized

All on the hunt for the king,
Tom Brady. Or the Goat, to use the American acronym -the greatest of all time- that identifies the greatest of all time. On the night between Thursday and Friday, the NFL restarts, the American football championship that in February had experienced Brady’s seventh victory, capable of putting the championship ring back on his finger in his first year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, after a life in England’s New Patriots. But champions never satiate their hunger for wins, and at the venerable age of 44, Brady restarts, ready for his 22nd NFL season: Their defending champions, the Buccaneers, will open the season in the opening game at home against the Dallas Cowboys.. The appointment for 2:20 pm between Thursday and Friday and the game will be live with commentary exceptionally in Italian on Dazn, a platform that will follow the entire NFL season (two games with commentary in Italian every Sunday, at 7:00 p.m. and 10:25 p.m., while the Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games and RedZone, a kind of direct touchdown on Sunday, can be followed in the original language). It will be the first season of 17 regular-season games, up from the usual 16, and the Super Bowl will be played on February 13 in Inglewood, Los Angeles County.

Favorite Tampa Bay

Brady and his Buccaneers start again as favorites: practically all of them stayed in the summer (which is more singular than rare, since after a championship that they have won so many try to monetize the good season elsewhere), as if they wanted to follow their leader on a new journey towards the legend . I want to continue playing at a high level for the team, because they count on me. Retire? I’ll do it when I don’t feel like it anymoreNow I just want to give it my all day after day, year after year. He go out again and play the best you can. Coach Arians tells us and he tells us all about Tampa Bay, where the frantic wait: in the stadiums reopened at 100% capacity after the pandemic, a ticket for the game that opens the season against Dallas costs an average of 582 dollars (data ESPN Y vivid seats), the highest figure for a Bucs game in the last decade and the sixth highest average in history for a sporting event in Tampa Bay, a city that in recent months has seen the two Stanley Cups won by the Lightning in the Nhl and the World Series. Mlb played, and lost, for the Rays. Power of Brady, of the current NFL champions and of an inaugural challenge, however, with great charm against the Cowboys, a franchise that for years has been trying to return to the glories of the past and that will have to evaluate the conditions of the player from stroke Dak PrescottFresh off a four-year, $160 million renewal but recovering from a broken ankle that prematurely ended his season in October 2020 and led to a troubled offseason.

Mahomes, Rodgers and the terrible children

Brady’s hunt is open and the members are several: before all the Kansas City Chiefs of the spectacular Patrick Mahomes, the highest-paid player in the NFL who wants to make amends after the immediate 31-9 in the last Super Bowl in which he was overwhelmed (along with his offensive line, not in vain upset in the preseason by Coach Reid) by the Buccaneers defense. Then there is the veteran. Aaron Rogers, a whole spring with the suitcase in hand in open contrast with his Green Bay Packers only to stay -obtorto neck- and at least recover Cobb, one of his favorite receivers. But in the magnum mare of the 32 franchises at the start of the NFL (where I Josh Allen Billslooking for confirmation after a good year) there are also many new faces in the key role of quarterback – the latest draft released trevor lawrenceJacksonville Jaguars first choice of new coach and former Ncaa Caliph Urban Meyer, but also attention to second choice zach wilson, author of an excellent preseason with the New York Jets. Not forgetting the verve of trey lance (social idol who will have to play for his place with Jimmy Garoppolo in the San Francisco 49ers), the curiosity about Justin Fields in the Chicago Bears and the surprise mac joneswho has already occupied the starting position in Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots after the cut of cam newton.

Vaccines and controversies

An election that – in addition to the last negative year – seems to have weighed on the former Carolina’s choice not to get vaccinated: coach Belichick obviously denied it, but in August Newton (subjected, like all unvaccinated people, to stricter protocols) he skipped several workouts for not following the protocols correctly. The NFL in the week announced that vaccinated players have reached 93% (around 200 remain unvaccinated), while for technicians and staff it has reached 99%. A fact also facilitated by the hard line of the league: if a game this season is lost due to an outbreak by unvaccinated players, for the team there is a loss by default and the players of both teams will not receive the salary related to that. game, with damage to the deductible without vax. Finally, the messages of social justice: the NFL has confirmed writing in the end zone and players will be able to choose from six stickers to put on the helmet, including Black Lives Matter and End Racism. But just over five years after his first knee, there are possibilities for Colin Kaepernick. – as a player or even a commentator, a role former Saints frontman Drew Brees carved out for himself at NBC after retiring at the end of last season – he does not come yet.

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