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While rooting for the Baltimore Ravens, I have repeatedly claimed the right to bask in the knowledge that my favorite team was in the most difficult and talented division in the NFL: there were years, dear readers, when Baltimore, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh found a way to qualify all three in the playoffs, when only six teams entered the playoffs per conference.
Recently, the title was given to the NFC West, a true iron group that in the last nine years has been represented in the Super Bowl by its own exponent on five occasions: in recent weeks, however, a mass of sensational plays located in AFC West has completely upset the balance and, right now with the balls stopped,

In a sense, everything we have seen and will witness is natural, a physiological reaction to the overwhelming power of Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, undisputed masters of the division since 2016: before the Chiefs won six straight division titles, the AFC West was the fiefdom of the Denver Broncos, victorious uninterruptedly from 2011 to 2015, or if you prefer since Tebowmania at Peyton Manning’s retirement.
In such situations there are two options.
Either you react vehemently or you drop to the ground in the fetal position like the AFC East did during the reign of terror of the New England Patriots who, for two decades, save for the year Brady broke the Crusader, chose the Dolphins. Bills and Jets in the quicksand of mediocrity, although the New York Jets had their moments.

Let me summarize for the more distracted or busy.
The Denver Broncos, as you know, finally got their hands on the quarterback franchise they longed for by sacrificing their draft future for Russell Wilson.
The Los Angeles Chargers, not to be outdone, have been the busiest team over the past week, securing Khalil Mack in a trade, re-signing Mike Williams and adding JC Jackson and Sebastian Joseph to an already talented roster.
The initially canny Las Vegas Raiders have stolen everyone’s show over the past two days by signing the ultra-underrated Chandler Jones and then offloading Ngakoue for Rock Ya-Sin and, at the endgiving me one of the most interesting lonely awakenings of my life: Las Vegas in the Italian night has provided a choice in the first round and another in the second for Davante Adams.
Yes, that Front Adams.

The three younger sisters of the Kansas City Chiefs, fed up with being systematically elbowed in the face by the most beautiful, intelligent and talented relative of the dysfunctional family, have decided to take their destiny into their own hands and rebel: the plausible result will be to be extremely fun to watch, each of the divisional matchups will almost certainly coincide with the most interesting game of the week, if you get the quote, I love you, and as fans, we couldn’t ask for better.

Considering the average level of quarterbacks, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that millions of dollars — and draft picks — have been poured into pass-rushers like Chandler Jones, Khalil Mack and Randy Gregory. the countermeasure is call sign omnipotent is an unhealthy dose of organic pressure, that is, the kind of pressure that allows you to get to the quarterback without abusing the blitz.
As we have seen over the years, trying to stop Patrick Mahomes with blitzes is the equivalent of opposing conflict and social injustice by singing Imagine as they smear the sidewalks with chalk.
Despite good intentions, this doesn’t work and the result is ugly to watch.
Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa, Bradley Chubb and Randy Gregory, Maxx Crosby and Chandler Jones – you notice a trend, right?

After such moves, it is clear that all three teams will not be content to be competitive in the presence of the Chiefs, the goal must be to get to the bottom and, although to different measures, I think each of them is starting to have at least reasons. valid to believe it without being naive.
The Denver Broncos are aware that they have assembled a talented roster in the most important positions and after having tried them all they have raised the white flag, so to speak, taking Russell Wilson and despite the many -in my opinion ridiculous and gratuitous- Doubts. about his performance over the past few years, it’s out of the question for these to be included in any discussion of the Super Bowl.
Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks of this generation and… well, I told you.

The Los Angeles Chargers, while lacking invaluable playoff experience, have decided to strike while the iron is hot and found the obvious, namely that Justin Herbert is a phenom, here’s the all-in: Smart GM Telesco is aware of the moral duty to exploit, or at least try to, Justin Herbert’s rookie contract and that explains his recent aggression.
It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to go all the way on the first try, but not trying would be foolish given the talents of people like Keenan Allen, Austin Ekeler, Joey Bosa, Derwin James, Corey Linsley… I stop.
As always, the field will give us the verdict, but for the moment I think it is impossible to blame them for anything, they have taken excellent players at reasonable prices that will be placed within a quality roster.

Seemingly cunning and passive, the Las Vegas Raiders have decided to buck the likely status of sacrificial victim by infusing an overdose of talent into a roster that has somehow dragged itself to the playoffs despite a year marred by misfortune outside of court. box.field.
After the failure of the Gruden Las Vegas experiment, he rightly refused to start over and, knowing that Derek Carr is a very good quarterback, he has chosen to build on the good foundations laid by the old regime.
I don’t want Cooper Kupp, but Davante Adams is the best receiver in the NFL and while he can no longer count on homeopathic Aaron Rodgers’ perfect shots, he finds in Derek Carr his college quarterback, a human being he truly loves. and with whom I suppose he already has a certain chemistry on the pitch.
Can the Las Vegas Raiders make it to the Super Bowl? In all honesty, I can’t give you an answer, but it’s beyond question that they have the human material they need to piss someone off.

What about the Kansas City Chiefs?
Dear readers, as the NFL’s strongest team for several years they don’t have who knows how much wiggle room, so far their only coup has been signing Justin Reid to replace Tyrann Mathieu, nothing sensational by the division’s new standards.
I think the front office’s priority is to re-sign Orlando Brown Jr. and Melvin Ingram, people who are already home and who also helped them get this far from the Super Bowl last year.
At this point in their history, the Chiefs can no longer afford who knows what hits, they don’t have enough salary flexibility to give more than 28 million a year to a Davante Adams or absorb a contract like Khalil Mack’s: that’s fine.
The objective, in addition to renewing contracts, is to hit a couple of selections in the draft every year and be able to count on the penal economic contribution of the young people selected in April.
For obvious reasons, they are still the team to beat and don’t tell me, as more and more people are doing! – which seems to encourage them: anything but band carplease.

In the National Football League things rarely go as they should and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the fireworks of the last few days didn’t change the balance in the slightest, but since we are in March and in March it is permissible. – I would almost dare to say “stimulated” – to get excited, let me applaud the front office of Broncos, Raiders and Chargers with sincere admiration.
It will be a lot of fun to watch them fight in what is becoming more and more like a battle royale, even if this video game genre has been boring for years.

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