Famous in Toronto? Apart from a League for Old Men: MLS is the fastest growing in the world

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Yes, as it seems Lorenzo Insigne if I decided to go to Toronto in MLS, I wouldn’t go to an Old Men’s League. On the contrary. I would choose the fastest growing in the world. Because time passes and things change. There was one where the major league soccer it was an elephant graveyard, appealing to a select few and a failed attempt to conquer a great nation with an audience of great champions. So the United States set itself a clear goal: the 2026 World Cup. To do so, it chose a clear and unequivocal path. The one with talent. A slow and inexorable growth, in a country of great athletes, which has the clear intention of becoming a power in the world of football as well.

Toronto, the most Italian in Canada
If Toronto, after having Sebastian Giovinco, intends to take Lorenzo Insigne, it is to open a new cycle. Having a point of reference with a lot of experience and trying to fight for the title again: in Toronto, let’s not forget, there is the largest Italian community in all of Canada and the arrival of Insigne would certainly also be a beacon from a football point of view . MLS companies have quotas to be able to register designated players, that is, players who exceed the salary cap. It would be among these, or among those that according to the franchises can technically enrich them and the league as a whole.

A league to the future
The MLS is no longer that of David Beckham, of the shots only for the image. Insigne is thirty years old and still has at least 3, 4, if not 5 years left at a major level. American football has worked a lot in the academies, as evidenced by the production of talents that have also landed in Europe. MLS has become a ‘selling league’ as well as a buyer of champions of the caliber of the Blues. Not only that: it is also attractive to some of the best talent in South America, who also prefer it to the role of supporting actors in a second-tier league in Europe. Take a look, on the internet, at the stadiums and structures that the franchises are building: on a par with the great English clubs. MLS is young, rich, has a great outlook for the future and, unlike our local leagues, is growing vertically in all aspects. Media attention. The production of talent. The product of television rights. The growth of the sports and technical project, in players and coaches. He still needs to be at the level of the big European leagues, and the step will be able to do it perhaps only when he also works in the directors of academies, when there is a generation of former footballers ready to be coaches of the boys. But the move has already been made and MLS is the fastest growing league in the world. Slow but inexorable. Therefore, those who think that Insigne, if he accepted Toronto’s proposal, would be a player towards sunset avenue are mistaken. On the contrary. He would only make a life choice, a new adventure. But always of a high level.

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