First major outing in sight for the Sixers?

Eliminated by the Heat in these playoffs, the Sixers will likely make some changes this summer. Despite a Joel Embiid in form, this template seemed too fair, to the point that arrivals are claimed. In the meantime, a first outing may be taking shape, and many fans are requesting it.

That is not the joy of the Sixers right now, who are still digesting their loss to the Heat in the second round of the playoffs. Suffice it to say that it was neither the plan nor the ambition of this team, which was still aiming for the title a few months ago, with the arrival via trade of James Harden. However, the Bearded did not have the expected impact, he who was very discreet. So much so that even Joel Embiid got angry, with a scathing phrase for your partner.

Is James Harden’s future fixed?

Now we are waiting for the consequences of this defeat. Changes in the list? Probably, because it will be necessary to recruit to reinforce this bench, and to fill the holes of Harden. The latter is not threatened, and even he should return to the roster next season according to the words of Daryl Morey, the GM, who was in front of the media this Friday. The opportunity for him to do an update on the star.

The plan is for him to return next season. This has been the plan since the trade in February. Obviously, we still have to work with their representatives, and we’ll see how to resolve this file.

No surprise there, despite Harden’s poor performance. The amount of the extension remains to be known, since the maximum should be avoided at all costs. An absolutely decisive contract for the futureand that could jeopardize the future of Philadelphia.

However, Harden isn’t the only one making headlines right now. This is also true for Doc Rivers, as the coach made some very poor decisions in these playoffs. Very few ideas on offense, but also the case of DeAndre Jordan, who was clearly not at the level and who cost him the first two games of the series on his account. Morey, however, said that Rivers would be back next year.

Daryl Morey says that Doc Rivers will return as coach next season.

Problem ? This is not yet guaranteed according to another source: Adrian Wojnarowski, who evokes a situation “to watch closely in the coming days”. Rivers needs to talk to the Sixers and find common ground about the future. It will also be a question of his performance, and so much to say that it will not be glorious. The Woj says:

Is Rivers on the same wavelength as his leaders? I think the next few days are going to be very important. He still has three years left on his contract, which is a lot, but the Lakers aren’t far off either.

Doc Rivers fired? Not impossible, everything will depend on the next meeting between the coach and the Sixers. The Lakers are following the case closely, but it may be necessary to look elsewhere. The next few weeks will be decisive in Pennsylvania.

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