Football and business | Mls, in Nashville a stadium only for soccer: it operates for 300 million euros

MLS is set to open the 24th stadium dedicated exclusively to soccer in the United States. Commissioner Don Garber was invited by the Tennessee franchise and visited the construction site where the new facility will be built, where Nashville SC will play starting next season. A project whose costs were initially estimated at 275 million dollars in 2016, and which later increased during the process of approval of the work by local administrations. In total, the budget for the new stadium is expected to be between 325 and 345 million dollars (equivalent to just under 300 million euros), after the construction company Ely Concrete abandoned the project and was replaced by TRC Construction Services.

The Nashville team currently plays at Nissan Stadium, a facility opened in 1999 that is also home to the Tennessee Titans and Tennessee State Tigers (respectively militants in the NFL and in the college football championship). The possibility of renovating the structure had been discussed, even recently, but the MLS franchise preferred to continue with its own project to have a stadium exclusively dedicated to “soccer”. However, the time to complete the work is expected to be fast: by May, Nashville should have the facility available, to be able to play the home games of the next championship without having to house the old stadium.

A wish also reaffirmed by Don Garber, commissioner of the MLS, who in recent days published on Twitter a photo of himself present in the structure, with the works still in progress: “Next year the twenty-fourth soccer-specific stadium will make its debut,” Garber wrote, “this will be a stadium in Nashville, for Nashville, bringing Nashville together through a common language: soccer. I can’t wait to see Nashville SC and others take the field here.” In addition, before the press present during his visit, he added: “This will be the largest soccer-only stadium in our league, a moment of true joy and pride for all of us in MLS.”

In reality, if we consider all the facilities currently in use in MLS, the new Nashville stadium will be fourth in maximum capacity, equivalent to half of the current Nissan Stadium (which can hold up to 60,000 spectators). The largest stadium is Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, where the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons also play, with a capacity of 71,000 seats. Lumen Field in Seattle (home of the Seattle Sounders in the MLS and the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL) and Yankee Stadium in New York, where in addition to the MLB baseball franchise of the same name, New York City Fc also plays with more of 30 thousand seats. However, in purely football terms, the largest stadium currently in use in the American league is the Tql Stadium in Cincinnati, which can hold up to 26,000 spectators.

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