Football, but also tennis, cycling and basketball: this is the project of the Cittadella dello sport de Massa

Press conference to present the Ciudadela del Deporte project

Renovated stadium for 4,400 people and multipurpose gym. Plants surrounded by greenery with 187 new plants

DOUGH. Listening to it, in a city that for years has only been able to take a healthy walk along the seafront, seems like a dream book: renovated stadium, basketball court, but also tennis and paddle tennis. Track for cycling training and multipurpose gym.

It is true that it is not yet a matter of reality because an important step is missing: you have to win the tender, therefore the resources. However, it is true that it is about something much more concrete than a dream book: there is a project already defined -and a candidate for funding from the NRP- of Ciudadela del deporte. Feasibility study, forecast of costs -for 4 million 560 thousand euros- and indications for the execution of the works with the articulation of the intervention in three lots.

Where there are now sports facilities, but – with the exception of the newly renovated building and the school-camp – they are malfunctioning, new structures will be built. Or the new ones will get a complete makeover. A project that aims to integrate and enhance the existing, without new construction, in a completely redeveloped context. The project, in fact, also foresees the transformation of that part of asphalt in via Oliveti into an area with a sporting vocation: new sidewalks, controlled entrances, emergency exits, rear door that can be opened at times and, above all, 187 new floors. . An ambitious project, prepared by technicians from the Municipality, and a candidate last March for the call for urban regeneration, within the framework of the national recovery and resilience plan.


Great protagonist of the project -if only because of its size- the stadium: not only the layout of the stands, to reopen it after 10 years of closure, but also the remodeling of the grandstand with the construction of the underlying boxes, “showcase” areas for commercials and events. New changing rooms and, above all, a new pitch, completely synthetic. A stadium -as foreseen in the project- with capacity for 4,400 people. “Real” stadium and also suitable for events, concerts in the first place.


In addition to the stadium, there is more: there is a will to recover spaces -all municipal- that have been abandoned over the years: the old basketball court behind the school camp will be rehabilitated and used for training basketball players. The forgotten tennis court will have a new baptism and the paddle tennis court will be born from scratch. Two-wheel lovers will not feel neglected: the track that surrounds the stadium will be recovered with an ad hoc pavement that will also connote it in color. Then, in the project, there is the provision of a large space intended to become a multipurpose gymnasium: the gymnasium would be raised in disused warehouses on the Viareggio side of the school camp, intended to house different sports clubs. In short, an authentic citadel of sport with a series of concentrated facilities, a space designed to welcome athletes. A joint project prepared by the mayors after listening – underlines the mayor Francesco Persian – the needs of sports clubs, of those who practice sport, teach it and live it every day.

Now all that remains is to wait, in the hope that Massa wins those 4.5 million euros and can begin the final and executive planning.


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