Football, Flores sues the NFL for racism: mistaken identity in a text message

Patriots coach Belichick congratulates African-American Flores on his new role as Giants head coach, thinking about talking to another Brian, white Daboll. So Flores discovers that the interview he was going to was just a farce

The day Tom Brady formalizes his retirement after 22 triumphant seasons, the NFL finds itself in the eye of the storm. Brian Flores, a former Miami coach, actually filed a class action lawsuit against the league for racial discrimination. It all started with a series of text messages mistakenly sent to Flores by New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, convinced he was talking to another Brian, Daboll, a former Buffalo Bills deputy.


Belichick sends Flores, though he thinks he sent the message to Daboll, a text message congratulating his former assistant on becoming the New York Giants’ new head coach. Flores, surprised, replies that he hasn’t actually had the interview yet. At that moment the doubt arises that Belichick is convinced that he is talking to Daboll. Clearing up the misunderstanding, he realizes that the Giants have already chosen their head coach and that his interview will be nothing more than a procedure to carry out what is known as the “Rooney Rule”, which requires taking into account NFL franchises. consideration of minority coaches. Flores is African-American, Daboll is white.


At that moment Flores decides to sue the NFL. “Even when black candidates are hired for head coaching positions, a rarity, they are discriminated against in relation to the terms and conditions of their employment and their compensation – reads between the 58 pages of the lawsuit – and they are fired with much more frequently than whites. coaches also much less successful”.

Flores then decided to spill the beans. Also recounting what happened in his two years on the Dolphins, with owner Stephen Ross offering him $100,000 for every game he lost, so that Miami would get to the bottom of the standings at the end of the season and could secure the first overall pick in the next eraser. Flores claims general manager Chris Grier told him that Ross was furious about the Dolphins’ wins and that by doing so he was jeopardizing the team’s position in the draft. The coach was unexpectedly fired from Miami on January 10 despite having closed both seasons with a positive balance (10-6 and 9-8), the first two consecutive winning years for the Dolphins since 2003. The NFL is thus in the center of another case of racism after that of Colin Kaepernick a few years ago that started a massive protest that later spread to European football and the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

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