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The NHL market remembers the incredible 2018 NHL debut of Scott Foster, a Chicago accountant who ended up on the ice of an American Pro League game almost by accident. A story ‘a la Bradbury’, which seems too much even as a plot for a movie. But everything we are about to tell you really happened…

Prior to transfer deadline In any American professional league, all teams are divided into buyers Y vendors. Who sells and downloads contracts, who buys and aims for the playoffs. THE chicago blackhawkswithout too many ambitions for the season, they sold the goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury (also formerly Pittsburgh and Vegas) in Minnesota and announced colin delia as a new holder among the posts. An expected choice that, however, also had the merit of reviewing it one of the most incredible stories in american sports of the modern era tied to Delia’s senior debut in the NHL.

Scott Foster’s story

The fact that we have all dreamed at some point in life And not just as children. California goaltender Delia, considered a mid-range prospect, signs with Chicago, but is obviously initially shipped to the minor Blackhawks. He plays at AHL and ECHL levels until in the 2017/18 season he is called up to the first team by coach Quenneville because owner Corey Crawford (a legend in Chicago with almost 600 games and 2 Stanley Cup wins) starts having some physical problems here and beyond. In reality, Delia only had to do the third in an emergency and then sit on the bench while Crawford’s replacement, Anton Forsberg, automatically became the starter on the #50’s first real injury. Everything normal until the night of March 29, 2018 with the Winnipeg Jets the incredible happens in the city. Forsberg gets injured in the warmup and it’s time for Delia’s NHL debut, but that’s not the news at all.

In an emergency, with a one-day contract, they send it on the sidelines an accountant for a Chicago firm that he had been a hockey goalie in college, but never professionally. scott foster. Canadian from 1982 who had started at the Junior level of hockey in Ontario and then 3 years at Western Michigan University. The first, then, the second the best with an average of 88% saves in the season and the third a disaster with only one time played, 7 shots received and 3 goals conceded. The race ended there. There are no draft calls, not even for a camp in the minors and then take advantage of the university “little piece of paper” and began working as an accountant, moving with his family north of Chicago.

14 minutes better than in a movie

Hockey is still just a passion that is lived on TV with an ice cold beer and plays in amateur tournaments. Fate had something very special in store for Scott. NHL rules state that each team for a championship game must have a third goalie on the roster, even if he is in the stands.. So that phone call came out of the blue. For him, just putting the car in the United Center player parking lot, seeing Kane and Captain Toews up close and even having a jersey (even though he wasn’t supposed to wear it) with the number (#90) on it was unexpected and amazing. He was going up to the stands when they told him to get dressed for the race because the owner had a problem. It doesn’t end there. In the third time Delia begins to feel cramps and leg problems. You have to get down on the ice. Login in the last 14 minutes of the match and maintains the 6-2 lead he had inherited. Seven shots, seven saves and no goals conceded. It is rewarded as man of the match with more than 20,000 spectators, who until he entered the ice had no idea that he was in the world, all standing chanting his name at the United Center (Michael Jordan’s). The dream of all of us. Had we seen it in the movies, we would have said it was the usual Hollywood hype, and instead it’s all on an official NHL scoreboard. oh, Foster didn’t make a single dollar because the contract he had signed was for an amateur, so there were no greenbacks, but he didn’t even notice. They gave him the shirt that all his teammates wanted to sign and… he became an accountant again.

Respect for an extraordinary story

A wonderful sleepless night to check out the game his wife had recorded and eat breakfast in the middle of the night at a drive-in theater as he headed back to the northern suburbs, enjoying the city in a time of his own.. The next day headlines for him in many national newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and the NY Post, but he never wanted to give interviews.. Just one two years ago in ESPN magazine. In the following season, coach Q called him to do some training before the game, the so-called morning skate, but never a contract and above all he never wanted to sign another one for a day as third emergency goalkeeper when he left. opportunity presents itself. He had respect for an extraordinary story.. From his night and perhaps from all of us. He wanted to maintain his 100% NHL average. 4 years have passed. Delia has (momentarily) become the owner of the Blackhawks and at 40, she plays hockey in suburban Chicago, watches the Blackhawks on TV while opening a beer, and is still an accountant. However, it was her night that took her, in 14 minutes, into the wonderful history of the Chicago Blackhawks and the NHL.

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