From Pelé to Vela, the great phenomena of the MLS

From Pelé to Vela, the great phenomena of the MLS

It’s true. When it comes to soccer, America is in the suburbs. The cultural tradition of the North American country, in fact, makes the fastest and most sensational sports, such as basketball and hockey, the most popular and appreciated. Soccer, however, has been making big strides recently and much faster than it was in the 1990s, when the US promotion from the 1994 World Cup had started to shake things up a bit. In reality, especially when it comes to the Major League Soccer championship, which is becoming more and more spectacular these days, there have been many top-level soccer players who have brought prestige to soccer in the United States.

The first absolute star of all those who chronologically wanted to give soccer a chance in the USA was Pelé, a total champion capable of winning three World Cups, something absolutely unique. After winning it all with Brazil, the Santos legend decided to accept the court of the New York Cosmos, one of the first franchises of the then NASL to invest heavily. At the age of 35, that is, with his career practically over, the Black Pearl chose to experience the thrill of playing in a simpler league, but still with great potential. In two years wearing the green jersey of the Cosmos, a club from the Big Apple, the Brazilian champion scored 31 goals, although he was unable to lead his own to victory. However, his arrival in the United States broke the veil of doubts about the potential of soccer in the North American country, so much so that after his splendid experience in the Cosmos, the American championship over the years has been remarkably enriched with great players and has seen a considerable increase in level. Therefore, it is not surprising that today this United States championship is seen all over the world and is one of the online soccer betting options preferred by fans, being the modality of being able to see the winning team of the competition. as the most popular of the competition. soccer section.

other phenomena

In the history of the MLS, or even before the NASL, another phenomenon after Pelé who sought glory abroad was Johan Cruyff, a talented runner-up in the Dutch world in 1974 and, according to many, a true revolutionary for his way of playing. to play. Gifted with a superfine talent for dribbling, the former Ajax and Barcelona footballer joined the Los Angeles Aztecs in 1979, before moving to the Washington Diplomats the following season. Without a doubt, his arrival in the United States was important, since he helped enhance the image of soccer in a place where, until then, very little was played on the street.

Today the most important player of all is undoubtedly Carlos Vela. The Mexican striker born in 1989 is perhaps the most gifted of the most recent generation of stars in the North American country and currently plays for Los Angeles FC, a Californian team of which he is the most representative man. After showing off for years in Europe at Arsenal and Real Sociedad, Vela is now the face of MLS. Before him, and on the other side of Los Angeles, was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who for four years played great football and scored goals in a Galaxy jersey.

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