From Talles Magno to Velasco, from Almada to Brenner: now South American talents prefer MLS

Buy, upgrade, sell. And meanwhile grow, vertically, like no other league in the world. There major league soccer learned the lessons of the past. He chose to limit the arrival of old senators to the avenue of the sunset as much as possible and in any case, even in these cases, he put them to the test and they did not even discount. Do you have the motivation and desire of Wayne Rooney or Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Become a star, whether in Washington or Los Angeles. Can’t keep up anymore? Andrea Pirlo also ended up on the bench in the Big Apple and also David Villa and more. Lorenzo Insigne is a matter much more than a separate one, given that he is in full maturity and is a purchase outside the rules, an exception that confirms them, but which is also going to be an icon for Toronto, which is the most Italian city of all. Canada.

Direct line with the best Argentine talents
The flow of talent with South America shows that MLS has become a benchmark for Argentine and Brazilian players. The most expensive purchase in history, 14.5 million euros per Thiago Almada from Vélez Sarsfield to Atlanta United, proves it. A few days earlier, FC Dallas also broke their records with €6.3m for the 19-year-old left back. Alan Velasco by Argentinos Jrs. Two that a few years ago would never have landed in the United States, two ready for Spain, for Portugal, perhaps for Italy. Instead, only in this session, also federico navarro left Talleres to go to Chicago and David Ayala he went from Estudiantes to Portland. It doesn’t seem finished but last season, for example, for a total of 31.5 million euros, 15 players have moved from the Super League to MLS, including Marcelino Moreno, Santiago Sosa, Franco Ibarra and Alan Francoall in Atlanta, Emmanuel Reynos and Franco Fragapane in Minnesota, Tomas Pochettino and Cecilio Dominguez in austin Almada broke a long-standing spending record, even for Argentines: below him is, again for Atlanta, gonzalo martinez from the River to the Texan club that has also taken over the years Essekiel Ship (now back to the Millionaires), Matias Pellegrini Y Miguel Almiron.

A reference for Colombians
Until now, Colombians had Portugal, Spain and Italy as their favorite destinations. Now, also for territorial reasons (they are bought by clubs from states with a Latino majority in the stands), they are going to the MLS. Some examples, just from the last session in progress: five players went to the Dimayor League States: Santiago Morenofrom America de Cali to Portland (2.5 million), emerson rodriguez from Millionaires to Inter Miami (2.45 million), Christian Arango also from Millonarios to LAFC (2.3 million), Jhojan Valencia in Austin from Deportivo Cali (1.4 million) and Jhon Duran in Chicago from Envigado. 66, in total, in history, the passes from Colombia to the United States, but the three most expensive are those of this season, which go beyond Deiber Caicedo moved to Vancouver a year ago.

Brazilians also begin to choose the MLS
The biggest news was a year ago when Large Sizes he left Vasco da Gama to go to the galaxy of the City Football Group in the NYCFC. A success of the nineties, in this session for now all the minor purchases but the arrival is intriguing for just over a million and a half. vinicius mello in Charlotte. A year ago the great success was made by Cincinnati with Brenner However, the United States is not yet an open front when it comes to Argentines, also because of the linguistic issue: the presence of so many Latinos in the south of the States makes companies like Atlanta, Austin and Miami lean towards soccer players. Spanish speaking as well. for acclimatization and taken at the hearing. For this reason, Brazilian soccer players, for now, do not have a ‘standard’ location but are bought based on talent and regardless of the American state.

Uruguay reopens the border. And all South Americans like MLS
That Heavenly in fact, it is a land that is ‘far’ from the States, also in terms of culture and mentality. It is much closer to Europe and that is why transfers from the Uruguayan championship to the Stars and Stripes are not frequent. The record spending was 10.5 million brian rodriguez to LAFC (second Californian team with diego rossi but five years ago). In this session the border has been reopened, thanks to Orlando: two hits, one of the most expensive with the 21-year-old talent facundo towers for 6.8 million to Peñarol. The MLS, however, is beginning to become a reference league for many South Americans: from Paraguay it went to Houston for almost 4 million Sebastian Ferreira and a year ago, for 3.7, erik lopez in atlanta All very young (like joshua colman in Orlando, nineteen years old, Rodney Networks in Austin, twenty, Jesus Medina at NYCFC, twenty). A jump to Ecuador: three operations for more than 5 million invoicing in this session, from jordy alcivar to Charlotte (twenty-two), Pedro Vite in Vancouver (nineteen years old), Gustavo Vallecilla in Cincinnati (twenty-two years).

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