From tennis to padel, the Foro Italico changes its skin from May 21 to 29 –

from Marco Calabresi

The Padel Major Premier is one of the four tournaments on the circuit governed by the Fip. Mayor Gualtieri: Rome is also one of the world capitals of padel. They will be played at the Grand Stand Arena and 5 other courts

From the tennis racket to the paddle tennis racket, one moment. Only the surface and the fact that there will be glass to delimit the field will change. From May 21 to 29, the Foro Italico will change its skin, becoming the headquarters of the Major Premier Padel, one of the four tournaments of the circuit governed by the Fip and supported by the Professional Paddle Association (Ppa) and Qatar Sports Investments (Qsi ). it is a joy for us to announce this great sporting event during the tennis internationals – the words of the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, during the presentation at the WeSportUp space inside the Foro Italico park – nice, after two difficult years, to see so many athletes and fans. After this, another appointment begins that sees Rome as one of the world capitals of paddle tennis.

Sport that is spreading, not only in Rome. One of the biggest problems is to ensure that the city hosts major events – added the councilor for sports and major events, Alessandro Onorato -. For us they are essential from an economic, tourist and therefore social point of view. Inserted at the right times, they help generate tourist flow. Tickets for what the president of Federtennis, Angelo Binaghi, called the Wimbledon of padel are selling like hot cakes: the center will be the Grand Stand Arena (6,500 spectators), to which five other fields will be added. 50% of the structures installed by Sport and Health within the park for the Internationals will also be maintained for the Padel Major. We have made the dream of bringing a Major to Rome a reality – explained the president of the international padel federation, Luigi Carraro -. Another dream of ours, however, is to become an Olympic discipline, and events like this are fundamental to achieving it.

The padel fields, among other things, are already present in these days leading up to the tournament: Someone told us that we were desecrating the Foro Italico with the padel fields – said the president of Sport e Salute, Vito Cozzoli – Thanks to those fields already the attention of the international federation, today we host one of four world events. And this is the perfect example of how sport can become the excellence of great champions. All the best couples in the ranking will enter the 56-place table, starting with the one formed by Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán, both Spanish. The Major Premier Padel of Italy gives away 2,000 points for the player ranking and will have an accumulated prize of 525,000 dollars. The other three majors on the calendar in 2022 are the one in Qatar (which was played in March), the one in Paris at the Roland Garros stadium from July 11 to 17 and the one that will take place in Mexico from November 28 to December 4 .

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