Frustrated, Joel Embiid lets loose with James Harden with a scathing statement!

Obviously disappointed, Joel Embiid hoped to win the title with the Sixers. It will not happen, at least not this season, despite the reinforcement of James Harden. The opportunity for the pivot to make a little development, in particular about the current role of the Bearded. There seems to be water in the gas.

The years follow each other for the Sixers, and they are really very similar. Each time, the front office tries to make decisions to win a title, but the failures are repeated. Not keeping Jimmy Butler in 2019, bringing in James Harden last February: These are two big misses for Philly, who will have to question themselves, especially after the Sixers’ elimination.

Yes, in case it wasn’t clear, the franchise took the door to the playoffs on Thursday night, after a fourth and final loss to the Heat, 99-90. It’s hard to dream when Embiid is diminished, but that’s also why Harden arrived a few months ago: to bring his production to Philly and perfectly replace the center. On the other hand, Barbu has been very discreet, leaving a simply unsuccessful performance.

Joel Embiid’s damning remark about James Harden

As you can imagine, the frustration is out with the Sixers, who are angry but mostly disappointed. These are the sensations that Embiid feels, who could not hide a certain frustration when passing in front of the media. The opportunity to talk about the Harden case, but also to make an update: the Houston player no longer exists, and you have to get used to it. A speech that not everyone will like.

Ever since he got here, everyone expected to see Houston’s James Harden, but that’s not who he is today. He is more of a creator. Like I said, we could all have been a little more aggressive.

Embiid had asked Harden before the start of the playoffs: be more aggressive. With 0 shot attempts after returning from the locker room, you have to believe that the Bearded didn’t get the message, or he can’t play at his best anymore. He may not be the same player as the Rockets, but he was still brought in by Morey: to evolve like that. A real problem in Philly and a possible casting mistake.

The fans themselves showed their discontent on social networks, but also in the room. In this video, we can see that many fans left, well before the end of the game against the Heat:

For Joel Embiid, James Harden is no longer the same Rockets player. It’s a problem ? Looking at his current performance, the answer is clearly yes. The Sixers don’t necessarily need a playmaker like we’ve seen in these playoffs, but rather a star capable of leading this team. El Barbu hasn’t made it this postseason, perhaps already compromising his future.

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